July 2, 2020

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Is Adams to the Cowboys a lock?

Will the Jets trade Jamal Adams to the Cowboys?

Will the Jets trade Jamal Adams to the Cowboys?

It seems as if the New York Jets have no choice but to trade Jamal Adams. The distraction and the turmoil surrounding this team are hard to watch. All signs point to a bright future for this Jets team, but that will be hard to achieve without Adams in the lineup. Adams has a wish list of contenders that he wants to play for. His #1 choice is the Dallas Cowboys. Will the Jets trade Jamal Adams to the Cowboys?

Why the Breakup?

The Jets and Adams are ultimately looking to part ways and many will suggest that it is all about the money. Money does play a big role in this potential deal, but as Jane Slater reports, it starts with the lack of trust.

Jets Grounded

According to the NFL odds to win the Superbowl at MyBookie the Jets are 80-1 to win it all this year. Even with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, the Jets have a tough road ahead of them. That is with Adams in the lineup. So although some still question if the jets will trade Jamal Adams, now may be the best time to part ways with the disgruntled superstar. He is in the prime of his career, possess incredible leadership skills and may even fetch a decent return in trade.

Will Adams to the Cowboys happen?

Adams is from Dallas and over the last few days he has made it very clear that he wants to play for Dallas. But don’t expect it to happen. The Cowboys have an NFL-high three players making at least $20 million per year and they have a history of being stingy in the trade market. He will instantly improve a Dallas defense that is on the way up, if they can acquire him. Adams has been a target of Jerry Jones in the past but, who will the Cowboys give up in return?

Now Adams is pointing fingers at head coach Adam Gase and suggesting that is another reason that he wants to be traded.

Adams makes the Cowboys a Contender

Stories are already circulating that the Cowboys could offer up WR Michael Gallup in exchange, but there is still a long way to go to make that happen. The Cowboys are favorites to win the NFC East and 14-1 to win the Super Bowl. These odds will only get better if they manage to get Adams. But it won’t happen. The Cowboys will not give up big pieces and they can’t pay Adams without hurting the team. The Jets will wait and get the deal they want and the best offer will most likely come from a different team.

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