July 2, 2020

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Why the Chargers Need to Sign Colin Kaepernick

Who will sign Sign Colin Kaepernick?

Why the Chargers Need to Sign Colin Kaepernick

Why the Chargers Need to Sign Colin Kaepernick. The Chargers have many reasons to sign Kap. The biggest one? Winning.

Why the Chargers Need to Sign Colin Kaepernick

Once again there are rumors swirling that an NFL team may sign Colin Kaepernick. Although he has not played in quite some time, there are several teams that should seriously consider signing Kaepernick. If he still has even half of the ability that he has put on display in the past, he will be an asset to any team that brings him aboard. There is one team that not only should sign him, but needs to sign him. Cam Newton is signed and Antonio Brown rumors are flying, so it only makes sense that Kap will be next.

Chargers need to sign Colin Kaepernick

The LA Chargers are a very talented team. They have a good coach and explosive weapons on offense. The Chargers have some interest. Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said Kaepernick fits what the Chargers want to do offensively, saying “it would be crazy to not have him on your workout list,” but they haven’t yet made contact with the free-agent quarterback. What are they waiting for?

Feed the Fan Base

The Chargers move to LA has been a bust. The fans have failed to support the team and every “home” game is filled with fans rooting for the opponent. If the Chargers sign Colin Kaepernick it will give the fans a reason to come out to the game. With all respect to the current quarterbacks on the roster, Kaepernick will instantly become the face of the franchise. Kap will easily get the same level of attention as Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, if not more.

Kap Can Still Sling It

Colin Kaepernick had a workout in 2019 and proved that he can throw multiple routes and that he still possessed elite arm strength. He still has mobility and was accurate on most of his passes. His mobility and smarts will fit in quite nicely with many of the offensive systems currently in place in the NFL.

Kaepernick Stats

Kaepernick is a smart player and rarely turns the ball over. He ranks 4th in the NFL in interception rate, which is better than Tom Brady. He can run the rock. Kaepernick is only behind Steve Young when it comes to post season rushing yards. His durability is impressive as he made 53 straight starts with the San Francisco 49ers.

Count on Kap

If the Chargers sign Colin Kaepernick it will instantly improve the sports betting odds for this team. The Chargers are currently a long-shot to win the Super Bowl at 40-1. The win total over/under for the Chargers this year is set at 8 and they are small (-3) road favorites in week one against the Cincinnati Bengals. All of those numbers will change in favor of the Chargers if they are willing to sign Colin Kaepernick.

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