July 2, 2020

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What the 2018 Boston Celtics Odds Say About the Upcoming Season

What the 2018 Boston Celtics Odds Say About the Upcoming Season: What players are going to be traded and will teh Celtics win a championship? The odds reveal the answers.

What the 2018 Boston Celtics Odds Say About the Upcoming Season

The 2018 Boston Celtics odds tell a story about the upcoming season. NBA odds do not always accurately predict the future, but they are interesting to watch. There is one thing for sure, this year the odds on the Celtics tell a story and it is a very interesting one. It tells a story of how well the Celtics will do this year and how they will change by the time the season ends.

All of the 2018 Boston Celtics odds for this article are provided by MyBookie and they can be found here.

Celtics are a Contender

If you follow the NBA you know that the Celtics are going to be a contender this season. The Celtics listed as (+550) favorites to win the NBA Championship. Only the Golden State Warriors (-180) have better odds to win a title. The Celtics are the clear-cut favorites to win the Eastern Conference. The Celtics are (-115) to win the East with the Raptors (+350) and the 76ers (+370) trailing closely behind. This also makes the Celtics big favorites to win the Atlantic division. The Celtics are (-145) to win the Atlantic ahead of Toronto (+250) and the 76ers (375). This is not a big surprise. With a stocked young team and the return of a healthy Gordon Hayward, everyone assumes that the Celtics will be dangerous this year. But what the 2018 Boston Celtics odds tell about the future of the franchise is astonishing.

2018 Boston Celtics Odds on Kyrie
2018 Boston Celtics Odds on Kyrie

Last Year for Kyrie?

Kyrie Irving put the speculation about his free agency to rest. He announced his desire to return at an event for season ticket holders. Irving has a player option that will let him test the free agency waters after this season. This announcement made many Celtic fans take a sigh of relief, but not so fast. This announcement surprised Danny Ainge. Although he backpedaled and made it sound like a cool announcement the 2018 Boston Celtics odds suggest Irving will not be with the Celtics next year.

Trade Time For Danny

Ainge is not afraid to make bold moves and move big players. Get ready Celtic fans because this could once again put you into panic mode.

Will Kyrie Irving be dealt before the 2018-19 NBA Trade Deadline?

Yes -200 (66.7% probability)

No +150

The Knicks (+400) and the Nets (+400) are the most likely destinations considering that Kyrie stated that he would like to play in New York years ago. In fact Irving is the only player that is favored by the basketball betting odds to go to another team.

Keeping The Core

According to NBA trade deadline odds these players will remain with the Celtics. Jaylen Brown (Odds on No -300), Hayward (Odds on No -400), Jayson Tatum (Odds on No -300) and Terry Rozier (Odds on No -140) are all predicted to stay with the Celtics past the trade deadline. Rozier makes sense because if Irving is traded they Celtics will need a point to run the team. Rozier proved he could do it last year when Irving missed significant time

Celtics Bringing in AD?
Celtics Bringing in AD?

with an injury. If Irving is traded who are the Celtics going to get?

Bring in the Big Man

The 2018 Boston Celtics odds show that Al Horford (+150) will resign with the Celtics. If not he may rejoin the Hawks (+700) for a farewell tour. Everyone loves Al and the Celtics would love to have him back, but he is not the

big man that we are talking about. DeMarcus Cousins odds of signing with the Celtics are at (+1200) because he will most likely stay with the Warriors (+200), but the focus is on Anthony Davis. The Pelicans will ship off Davis to make sure they get compensation before losing him. The Celtics are (+200) to sign AD and they are the favorites but they are tied with the Lakers at (+200). There is no way that Ainge wants to lose Davis to the Lakers.

Celtics Predictions

The 2018 Boston Celtics odds indicate that this could be one heck of a season for the Celtics. There will be plenty of twists and turns and when the dust settles it will be interesting to see where the Celtics finish and who remains on the team.