July 2, 2020

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Updated 2020 NBA Finals Odds: Favorites, underdogs and predictions

Who will win it all?

Updated 2020 NBA Finals Odds: Favorites, dogs and picks

Updated 2020 NBA Finals Odds: Favorites, dogs and picks

The updated 2020 NBA Finals odds show that there are many changes to take note of. Before you bet on the return of the NBA there is plenty information that everyone should know. After that is all about the odds. The favorites may get the attention, but with a shortened season any team can make a run for the championship. Before picking a winner make sure that you have seen the schedule.

The favorites

The current version of the NBA Finals odds has four teams that are the favorites to win it all. It all starts with LeBron James. The Lakers (+185) hold the top spot. They are followed by the Bucks (+275) and the Clippers (+300). Before the season was interrupted, it was obvious that these were the top three teams in the NBA. With the shortened season and players opting out, this has all changed. The Pick: If you are going to go with a favorite, the Clippers are an interesting play. They have talent, depth and good coaching. This combined with a nice price tag, makes the Clippers the favorite to take.

The underdogs

There is a long list of underdogs according to the 2020 NBA Finals odds. The one team that seems to be getting the most attention is the Boston Celtics (+1200). This is no surprise since they are very young and talented, but other teams like the Raptors (+1400) and the Rockets (+1500) should get attention too. The Pick: If you are looking for a decent size underdog, the Rockets get the nod. They have a very talented and deep team that can shoot with anyone. Although they play small ball, they can beat teams on offense and James Harden is unstoppable.

The Long-shots

The 2020 NBA Finals odds have many teams listed as long-shots and some of them are quite attractive. The Nuggets (+2400), Sixers (+2400), Mavericks (+3300) and the Jazz (+3300) are very good teams that are considered long-shots. The Pacers (+8000) are a long-shot with hopes but recent news has me cautious.

The Pick: The Sixers at (+2400) are a steal. They have an easier path in the East and they have well-rested and healthy players. They get a bad rap for an ugly road record, but on a neutral court with no fans, that won’t matter. Take a shot on the Sixers.

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