July 3, 2020

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7. 5 Dimes Review

At Bookie Blitz.com we realize that finding a sportsbook that is safe and secure is very important to a sports bettor.  That is why we have found the best books and have prepared reviews to let the player know all the details so they can sign up with a sportsbook that is safe, secure, and fits the needs of the player.

Bookie Blitz.com Sportsbook Reviews: 5Dimes
Bet at 5dimes

5Dimes was established in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1998, 5Dimes surpasses other Internet sites by offering a giant selection of lines, some of the best odds, 24-hour customer service, reliable payouts and secure transactions. They are the gold standard in online gaming, dedicated to providing its customers with a rewarding, exciting and secure environment for online wagering.  5Dimes is the cream of the crop and they take pride in all of their features like deposits and payouts.

5Dimes offers the bettor so many ways to get money offshore to play with its unreal.  They have quick and easy ways to send money to your account. The payout process works just as seamlessly.

Quick Payouts

When a customer requests a payout it is quick and safe. If you make your request in the appropriate time-frame for the method requested, it will be processed immediately. 5Dimes allows the player to cash out with all of the same methods they may have used to deposit.  Banking is never an issue at 5Dimes so the player can focus on wining!

Betting Options

5Dimes are set apart from the others as they offer more betting options for the player. They offer skill games and a lottery and that is unique. In the lottery section they offer a pick 3 and pick 4 and Lotto 900 and even a chance to profit off the power ball drawings! When it comes to skill games 5Dimes has a gambit of quality and fun games for the player. 5Dimes offers skill games which can be played for both fun and real money.  Players can perfect their expertise through seven challenging skill games.  After a player feels his or her skill is perfected, players can enter tournaments to prove who truly the best is.  They offer a myriad of games like Acey Deucey, Dice Poker, Spades, and Gin Rummy.

Collect Big Bonuses

5Dimes is a partner at Bookie Blitz.com and together they offer the sports bettor quality bonuses.  It starts with what 5Dimes is famous for reduced juice. They also have free-plays, Matchplay and Lotto Rewards. This includes but is not limited to 50% on new accounts and a $400 free play reward for sportsbook players and Lucky 7 lottery promotions.

Sign up today at Bookie Blitz.com and get some of the best that 5Dimes has to offer!

Bet at 5dimes

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