Super Bowl XLVI Odds New York Giants vs. New England Patriots Why Vegas Got it Right

Soon after the NFC Championship game was wrapping up, the odds for Super bowl XLVI were released. Once the number was posted, my phone started ringing off the hook; several of my friends were convinced that this number was off.

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Depending on what sportsbook you look at, the New England Patriots opened up as 3-4 point

Is the Line on the Super Bowl right or wrong?


How could this be?

After all, the Patriots needed a last minute botched chip shot to get to the Super bowl. In fact, it could be argued that the Ravens played the better game although they did not win.

The Giants on the other hand are the hottest team in the NFL.

They are making a run similar to the one the Green Bay Packers were on a year ago. They had to beat Dallas in the last game of the season just to get into the playoffs and then after quickly hammering the Atlanta Falcons, the Giants put on back-to back impressive performances to knock out the Green bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. Eli Manning is on a roll and looking like an elite quarterback, but here they are, three point underdogs for Super Bowl XLVI.

Let’s first start off by looking at the line. The odds makers in Vegas and at several offshore sportsbooks have one goal, to get even action on this game. So the only option was to open this game at three points.

The opening line was pounded by Giants backers as the early money coming into sportsbooks as tracked by Sports Insights, show that 57 percent of the public is on the G-Men. That has moved this line from 3.5 and it now sits at 3 at several outlets.

The number three is a key number in sports betting and it most likely will hover around this number for a long time to avoid any movement or middles. Although the money coming in is so forceful Bovada Sportsbook has the Patriots -3 (+100). The one thing that can counteract public money is sharp action.

The rumor on the internet is that the Hilton took two heavy bets on the Patriots when the line opened in the amounts of $115,00 & $87,000. This will keep the number solid. This shows that even action on this number will eventually occur and although early action is heavy on the Giants, there is still two weeks to go before kickoffs.

Stay tuned as this line will be under investigation all the way up to kickoff.

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