Peyton Manning Rumors: Why the Washington Redskins are a Perfect Fit

The Peyton Manning saga will dominate the news until March when the Colts have to decide if they will pay Manning the money he is owed or cut the future Hall of Famer.

The Colts have already announced that they will draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. That only increases the odds of Manning wearing a different uniform in the future. With that being said, the speculation of where he will play next year is running rampant.

In fact several online sportsbooks have issued odds on where Manning will play next year.

Here is a look at the odds and a prediction of where he will fare best.

Perfect Fit: Washington Redskins                     5/2

Where will Manning Play Next Year?

This is a perfect fit for Manning. Daniel Snyder will spend the money and they can draft a quarterback to learn behind Manning. The Redskins have a good coach and a good running game that will help Manning. The Skins defense is admirable and they have potential. Going head-to-head against his little brother every year would help quiet the talk that Eli is the better quarterback.

2nd Best Option: Indianapolis Colts                    7/1

Manning seems very flexible with his contract options and that could keep him in Indy for the rest of his career. He would be a good mentor for Luck, and the fans would not burn Lucas Oil stadium down if the colts let Manning walk.

3rd Best Option: Miami Dolphins                       3/1

If he wanted to go outside the box the Dolphins might just work. Manning would have enough options on offense to make him happy and the defense has played well enough to make the Fins a contender with the aging signal caller. Playing Tom Brady twice a year would make for an interesting rivalry.

Not a Chance: Arizona Cardinals                       2/1

Some of the experts have the Cards as a viable option, but they have been down this road before. The Cards just dumped a ton of money on Kevin Kolb and are looking bad for it; don’t think they will do it again.

Wrong Team: New York Jets                                              7/2

The story of both Manning’s playing in New York is a great storyline, but would Peyton want to play for Rex Ryan? I doubt it. He is a defensive coach that loves to run the ball and has no problem throwing his quarterback under the bus.

Wherever the future hall-of-famer ends up it is sure to be the hot topic until he signs on the dotted line with an NFL team.

Where do you think Peyton Manning will play next year?

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