Patriots vs Chiefs Odds For the AFC Championship

Patriots vs Chiefs Odds For the AFC Championship

The New England Patriots will make their eighth straight appearance in the AFC Championship game. Unlike previous seasons, the Patriots will be on the road for this big game. The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Patriots in the championship game. The Chiefs earned this honor by beating up on the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots vs Chiefs odds have been moving

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Chiefs Get Early action

The first line opened up at BetOnline and had the Chiefs listed as (-4) against the Patriots. This line was put out right after the Chiefs beat the Colts. Because of the big win by the Chiefs the early money was on Kansas City and that moved the line to (-4.5) for a small period of time. That was before the Patriots played.

Push Back on Pats

The Patriots annihilated the Chargers the very next day. Tom Brady looked like his old self and the Patriot fans started to bet this line. The Patriots went from (+4.5) point underdogs all the way down to (+3) point underdogs. The NFL fans and sports bettors were caught up in the victory and started putting money on the Patriots.

Where Will the line land?

The point spread of (-3) is awarded to the home team when both teams are considered even. The Chiefs are considered one of the best teams in the NFL and will have a distinct home field advantage. Once the Patriots hysteria dies down the bettors will start to lean to the Chiefs. The Patriots are a very popular NFL team so betting should be even for most of the week. This line should get as high as (-3.5) but won’t get much higher and there is already one sportsbook with Chiefs (-2.5). This week it will be important to watch the point spread and bet on the AFC Championship when you get the best line.

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