July 2, 2020

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NFL Preseason Picks and Predictions:St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts

The second Sunday in the NFL will be a matchup of two teams that are expected to improve in the 2012 season. Although it’s preseason football the Rams and the Colts will be looking to impress on the field and show improvements from a dismal year ago.

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Luck Ready For the Colts Opener
Luck Ready For the Colts Opener

For the Colts, all eyes will be on the future of the franchise as Andrew Luck will get his first start for the Colts. How long will the Colts take to pull the youngster? Well according to offensive coordinator Bruce Arians Luck should get about 20-25 snaps in the opener.

Jeff Fisher is the new head man in St. Louis and he is set with many of his starters so look for limited playing time from the first line, especially injury prone players. In fact the Rams will be looking at plenty of position battles on the offensive line and leaving Sam Bradford on the field during this testing phase could be an issue.

The Rams defense could feature as many as seven new starters so they will have an adjustment period. That will equate to Fisher focusing on the defense and different looks while running a vanilla offense, and that sets up just fine for the Colts.

The Colts will be flexing a new look on defense with a 3-4 look that will display Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, both of whom are playing outside linebacker after playing at the end spot. This will give the Colts a very big team with athleticism. This won’t make them an immediate threat this season, but right now they are focused on this game.

The Colts need to win this game. That’s right I said they need to win this game. I know its preseason, but it’s sold out at Lucas Oil Stadium and the fans want to know that taking Luck and letting Peyton Manning is a good idea. The coaches want a 2-14 team from a year ago to have some confidence and it all starts with a in the preseason opener against the Rams.

NFL Preseason Picks and Predictions: Colts -1.5

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