July 2, 2020

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College Football Playoff Odds

The college football playoff brackets have been announced and it is time to talk playoffs! Here are the college football playoff odds for each team and on every game!

College Football Playoff Odds

Finally the argument is over and the teams that will be in the college football playoffs have been announced. After the dust settles, the next thing that the football looks for is the latest college football playoff odds. Some of the odds may be surprising, but there is one thing that is sure. It’s going to be entertaining to watch and wager on the playoffs.

College Football PLayoffs
College Football Playoffs

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#1 Alabama

It is no surprise that according to the college football playoff odds the Alabama Crimson Tide are the favorites. They are the favorites to be the champions and they will be labeled as favorites in every game that they play.

Counting Out Clemson

It seems like that many football fans are overlooking the Clemson Tigers. They are just as good as any other team in college football and they are not getting any love by anyone outside of Clemson. If you are looking for some betting value in the college football playoff odds, Clemson may be your team.

Doubting Notre Dame

Notre Dame got grief by many of the experts for once again not playing on championship week. Regardless they are in and the college football playoff odds show that not too many betting fans believe that the Irish have a chance to win a game in the playoffs.

Oklahoma Sooners

This is the spot that has the most controversy leading up to selection Sunday. Many believe that this team should not be in the playoffs, yet here they are. Since they were a very controversial selection it comes as no surprise that they are long-shots according to the college football playoff odds. Kyler Murray and teh Big 12 champions Oklahoma earn the spot.

College Football Playoff Odds For Each Game

Here are all of the odds for the opening games in the college football payoffs.

#1 Alabama (-14) vs #4 Oklahoma 

#2 Clemson (-11.5) vs #3 Notre Dame