Can Kyle Shanahan Make the 49ers Winners in His First Year?

Can Kyle Shanahan Make the 49ers Winners in His First Year?

The 49ers are an incredible football organization that has fallen on hard times. They are a powerhouse NFL franchise that has ruled the league for many years in the past. They have several Super Bowls and have dynasties that will always be a prominent part of NFL lore. Now they are looking to get back in the spot light with the hiring of new head coach Kyle Shanahan.

49ers Odds Don’t Believe It 

The NFL odds makers do not think that the hiring of Kyle Shanahan will have a big impact in year one. The 49ers are 55-1 to win the NFC Championship and an incredible 100-1 to win the Super Bowl. For all of the odds on the 49ers for the upcoming season, check out the list at the No. 1 online sportsbook to bet on the NFL here. 

Can Kyle Shanahan Save the 49ers?
Can Kyle Shanahan Save the 49ers?

Offensive Genius

The term genius is thrown around way too much in the NFL when it comes to coaching. In this case of Kyle Shanahan it may just fit. He completely turned around the Atlanta Falcons offense a year ago and is the main reason that they were able to advance to the Super Bowl. The Falcons averaged over 33 points last season which is a ten point increase from the previous season and that increase led to quarterback Matt Ryan claiming an MVP trophy.

Putting the Pieces Together

Many will scoff at Brian Hoyer joining the 49ers. However he averaged 13.7 yards per completion under Kyle Shanahan which led the NFL.  He has also stocked up on speed at wide receiver by bringing former Bills receiver Marquise Goodwin to join newly added Pierre Garcon. They have a talented running back in Carlos Hyde and the changes on offense will be seen in week one.

Can They Win?

The 49ers are heading in the right direction and with a high draft pick they will be better this season. How much better is yet to be seen, but don’t be stunned if they are the biggest surprise of the upcoming NFL season.

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