July 2, 2020

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Cam Newton makes the Patriots a Super Bowl contender

Cam Newton makes the Pats Legit

Cam Newton makes the Patriots a Super Bowl contender

Cam Newton makes the Patriots a Super Bowl contender

Cam Newton is now a member of the New England Patriots. Many believe that this signing was long overdue. The Patriots lost Tom Brady and it looked as though this year they were going to be on the fringe of the playoffs depending on the development of young quarterback Jarrett Stidham. Now with Cam Newton wearing the red, white and blue, the Patriots are Super Bowl contenders.

The odds show the improvement

How much is Cam Newton worth to the Patriots? The odds at the sportsbooks tell the story. Before signing Newton, the projected win total for the Patriots was 8-9 wins depending on where you look. Now the Patriots are 9-9.5 after signing Newton. This means that Newton is worth at least one game to this team. Not to mention that he is now a front runner to win comeback player of the year.

Does Cam fit?

The Patriots have been looking at mobile quarterbacks (to include Lamar Jackson) for a long time. Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick will know exactly how to use the talents of Newton. This coaching staff is always on the forefront of new techniques on offense and it will be interesting to see what they do with Cam. They will use plenty of motion to keep defenses guessing and allow Newton to put himself in a position to succeed. After getting discarded and disrespected by the Carolina Panthers, he has a chip on his shoulder. The Patriots can add weapons as rumors are circulating that Antonio Brown may join the Pats.

One thing for sure. Cam is motivated.

Final Answer

There are other teams that can win a Super Bowl like the Buccaneers and the Cowboys. Although the Patriots will keep it clouded in secrecy, Newton is going to start. The Patriots have replaced one MVP with another MVP and there is every reason to believe that the Pats are once again Super Bowl contenders.

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