July 2, 2020

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LeBron and the Lakers are ready

Betting on the NBA restart? Everything you need to know

Betting on the NBA restart? Everything you need to know

The NBA restart is coming soon. Despite recent obstacles, everything points to a return to the NBA season. If you plan on watching or betting on basketball you need to be informed. Here’s everything that you need to know if you plan on betting on the NBA restart. If you plan on betting on the NBA restart, you always have to keep an eye on the updated NBA odds. Whether you like the Lakers, the Celtics or a long-shot, make sure that you are well informed.

Where and When

The NBA will bring 22 teams to Orlando to start the season on the proposed date of July 31. All of the teams will play eight regular season games to determine what teams will be in the NBA playoffs. That will be followed by a play-in tournament and then the NBA playoffs will begin. During this time, the NBA will hold the draft lottery.

NBA Key Dates

Betting on the NBA Restart?
The Lakers and Bucks are favorites to win the championship

June 22: Players report
23: Coronavirus testing begins

27 NBA schedule and betting odds are out

July 1: Mandatory individual workouts begin
7-9: Travel to Orlando, Fla.
9: Training camps begin
30: 2019-2020 season resumes

Aug. 15-16: Play-in tourney
17: First round of the playoffs starts
25: NBA draft lottery

Sept. 1: Second round of the playoffs starts
15: Conference finals start
30: Game 1 of the NBA Finals

Oct. 13: Game 7 of the NBA Finals (if necessary)

Some teams may even treat the upcoming shortened season more like training camp.

Who is testing positive?

With teams gathering there will be positive tests. The NBA will have protocols in place to allow these players to come back after they quarantine. Keeping an eye on the team that you are considering betting on will only provide an advantage at the betting window. Up to this point teams have been forthcoming with the results concerning the players.

and other players are deciding to sit out altogther.

Where to Bet: Betting on the NBA Restart

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