July 2, 2020

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2020 NBA schedule and betting odds

2020 NBA schedule

2020 NBA schedule and betting odds

2020 NBA schedule and betting odds

The 2020 NBA schedule is out and the betting odds are updated. This means the basketball fans around the globe are excited. With teams signing players and getting ready to head to Orlando, the NBA season is finally feeling like it may happen. If you are going to bet on the NBA there is many things that you need to know, but it all starts with the schedule.

The basics

There will only be a maximum of seven games per day. The tip-offs will be between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m. There will be three total courts and that includes two for national television. Here is a look at the schedule in its entirety with the proposed television schedule for ESPN and TNT.

Let’s Go!

The season tips-off on Thursday, July 30 with a doubleheader between Western Conference teams to start things up. The Utah Jazz and New Orleans Pelicans will play in the first game (6:40 p.m ET), and that will be followed by the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers at (9 p.m. ET). There is a six pack of games on the next day , highlighted by an Eastern Conference face-off between the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics (6:30 p.m. ET).

NBA betting odds

The top-online sportsbooks like MyBookie and WagerWeb, wasted no time posting point spreads for the start of the season. But it is a bit obvious that even the bookmakers do not know where to put the point spread for the early games. In fact there is only one game that has a point spread of over 3.5 points and that is the Bucks who are (-5.5) against the Celtics in the Friday night game. Betting on the games early may provide an excellent opportunity when the season starts.

Strength of schedule

Usually the strength of schedule is hard to gauge because it is put out before the season begins. Now that we know how talented the teams are, the strength of schedule is something to keep an eye on. The team with the toughest schedule is the Miami Heat and the easiest schedule?

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