July 2, 2020

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2018 NBA Over/Under Win Totals For All 30 Teams

2018 NBA Over/Under Win Totals For All 30 Teams: A look at all of the NBA win totals and predictions for the upcoming season

2018 NBA Over/Under Win Totals For All 30 Teams

The NBA Over/Under win totals were put out by the top sportsbooks and fans were eager to see the projections. After all this is the year that big names moved teams to include LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. With the landscape of the league shifting here are the NBA Over/Under win totals for every team and the ones that stood out above the rest.

2018 NBA Over/Under Win Totals For All 30 Teams
2018 NBA Over/Under Win Totals For All 30 Teams

2018 NBA Over/Under Win Totals For All 30 Teams

Here is a quick list of all of the teams and the Over/Under win totals for the upcoming season. All win Over/Under win totals are supplied by MyBookie. Click on any team to get an updated win total for the season.

Warriors 66.5 Wizards 44.5 Nuggets 46.5 Cavs 30.5 Magic 30.5
Celtics 57.5 Spurs 43.5 Pelicans 43.5 Clippers 38.5 Bulls 28.5
76ers 54.5 Thunder 48.5 Heat 40.5 Hornets 35.5 Grizzlies 31.5
Rockets 56.5 T’wolves 44.5 Bucks 46.5 Pistons 39.5 Kings 26.5
Lakers 49.5 Jazz 48.5 Pacers 46.5 Suns 27.5 Hawks 25.5
Raptors 53.5 Blazers 41.5 Knicks 29.5 Mavericks 34.5 Nets 30.5

Some of the things that jump off the page are that the Warriors have the highest total (66.5) and the Hawks have the lowest (25.5). The Lakers have jumped up in the win total after bringing LeBron to LA. But let’s look at a few teams and the win totals that may have some value at the betting window early in the season.

Cleveland Cavaliers 30.5

Losing LeBron James is a big problem, so it was obvious this number was going to drop from previous years. However, this drop seems excessive. They had a decent draft and they brought back Kevin Love. This team is going to have something to prove this year and they should be hovering around the playoffs by the time the season is nearing its end. Taking over this number has some value.

New Orleans Pelicans 43.5

The New Orleans Pelicans are a very good basketball team. They did well a season ago and much of that was without Boogie Cousins, who is now on the Warriors. This team is only getting better and they will do whatever it takes to make Anthony Davis happy. This means the management will go all out this year to surround their best player with talent. That will make this number obtainable for the Pelicans.

Boston Celtics 57.5

Now that LeBron is gone, everyone is handing the East coast crown to the Celtics. They have a very good team, but they are going to have to get Gordon Hayward back into the mix. They also have to figure out how to balance this team with a healthy Kyrie Irving. This won’t be easy and will take some time. The Raptors, 76ers and Bucks will also be talented and challenge the Celtics. This number is too high. The Celtics will have a good year, but don’t expect them to go over the number.