July 2, 2020

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2018 Lakers Odds to Win With LeBron James

2018 Lakers Odds to win With LeBron James. LeBron James is going to the Lakers and that move will shake up the Lakers odds as well as the rest of the NBA

2018 Lakers Odds to win With LeBron James

LeBron James is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Some believed that there was an outside shot that he wanted to be in Cleveland, but he is going to LA. The writing was on the wall. James announced he was not going to have a meeting with the Cavs. Then the LeBron Tracker showed that here touched down in LA, just hours before the start of free agency.  His signing will not only alter the 2018 Lakers odds, but it will alter the landscape of the NBA. Now that he has officially signed, things are going to go crazy.

2018 Lakers Odds

After landing in LA, online global sportsbook MyBookie changed the odds to LeBron joining LA to (-5000). Now that he will be wearing the purple and gold there will be other odds to take a look at. The Lakers will now be a lock to make the playoffs but they still have one big hurdle to leap before they can go to the NBA Finals. Those odds have been pulled off the board, despite the news about LeBron’s agent meeting with the 76ers. The Lakers odds are jumping all over the place, as they now have the same odds as other big name teams to win the NBA Championship.

2018 Lakers Odds to win With LeBron James
2018 Lakers Odds to win With LeBron James

Lakers Win Totals

The Lakers win totals will not be released for a few months, but with LeBron on the team those odds will change. The Lakers won 35 games a year and missed the playoffs. This win total should jump about 10-12 games with James on the team. The “Over: will get a lot of betting action once this number is released.

Warriors Still The Team To Beat

There is no doubt that LeBron James will improve the 2018 Lakers odds, but the Golden State Warriors will still be the team to beat. The Lakers still have some moves to make and once they get LeBron, they got more room to sign another big named player.  The Lakers will also do everything in their power to trade for Kawhi Leonard. If they can pull off that feat they could challenge the Warriors.

Big Move For Boston

The last team that will benefit from this deal is the Boston Celtics. They are now going to be the front runner to win the East. The 2018 Celtics odds should make Boston the team to beat in the Eastern Conference.