2013 Super Bowl XLVII Odds and Favorites To Win It All

It has only been one day since Super bowl XLVI ended, but it is never too early to look at the odds to win it all next year.

Moments after the game was over, several online sportsbooks posted the odds to win Super Bowl XLVII.

Here is a look at some of the favorites to win it all in 2013, and a few

Green Bay PAckers are Favorites to Win Super Bowl 47

dark horses that may be worth a bet.

Green Bay Packers                              6/1

It should come as no surprise that the Green Bay Packers make this list and in fact they are favorites to win it all in 2013. As long as the Packers have Aaron Rodgers they will have a very potent offense and a chance to bring the Lombardi Trophy back home.

New England Patriots                          7/1

The Patriots may have lost Super Bowl XLVI, but they are on top of the heap to win it next year. Tom Brady is back and the Patriots have a slew of draft picks in the first two rounds that could add enough talent to put them over the top.

New Orleans Saints                              8/1

Drew Brees and the Bayou bad boys from New Orleans are at the top of the heap in 2013 to win the Super Bowl. Despite not winning a road playoff game the Saints have all the weapons to make a run at a championship, but you have to scroll down the list to find the defending champions.

New York Giants                   15/1

The Giants may have won the title this year, but they are not getting much respect from the oddsmakers and are already far down the charts. The odds of 15 to 1 look pretty tempting for a Giants team that will have most of their pieces back next year and only are looking to get stronger.

However if you are looking for a dark horse to put your money on that will have plenty of return here is a team that may be worth a look.

Carolina Panthers                                50/1

It may seem a bit risky but the reward is worth it. The Panthers have Cam Newton at quarterback and he guides a Panther offense that can score. The defense will only improve and they will return healthy players that can make them a dark horse to make the playoffs and then anything can happen.

Here are the remaining odds for the rest of the teams in the NFL to win Super Bowl XLVII, what teams do you think will win it all in 2013?

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