2013 New York Jets Predictions: 5 Reasons The Jets Will Crash and Burn

2013 New York Jets Predictions: 5 Reasons The Jets Will Crash and Burn

Those Jet fans who are excited for the 2013 NFL season to kickoff will be begging for it to end by Week 5 of the regular season. The Jets were horrible last year and they are going to be even worse this year. They are starting the season with a quarterback problem, a lame duck couch and a team void of talent.

2013 New York Jets Odds

How bad do the New York Jets look this year?  One look at the latest football betting odds will show you just how bad they will finish this season. The Jets odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl are 80-to-1 and the odds to win the AFC are 40-to-1 at top-rated online sportsbook BetOnline. If you want to bet on the Jets this season, just sign up here and get a free $900 to bet on the NFL. However you will be wasting your money unless of course you bet against this disaster of a team.

If you are a Jet fan you may want to click away now, because this is about to get ugly as we look at predictions for this year’s squad.

2013 New York Jets Predictions

Prediction #1: The Jets will lose their first nine games

Think that is a bold prediction? Not really the only truly winnable games for the Jets during that span are a home game against the Buffalo Bills and a road game against the Tennessee Titans. Unfortunately the Jets will still be in transition at this point trying to implement new players and they will stumble out the gate. The middle part of the schedule is brutal; just ask head coach Rex Ryan who had this to say.

“That is tough,” Ryan said of the five games before the bye. “Really, you don’t schedule wins in the National Football League, unfortunately. But that particular stretch with four playoff teams [including Pittsburgh] obviously is going to be tough.”

This brings us to our next prediction. Complete Jets 2013 NFL Schedule is here.

Prediction #2: Rex Ryan Will be Fired during the Bye Week

The media pressure in New York is tough and having that bad of a start to the season will be blamed solely on Rex Ryan. By this point in the season Ryan will be begging to leave and will welcome the move. Ryan’s days are numbered now and

2013 New York Jets
2013 New York Jets are in Big Trouble

the bye week will give the Jets time for a quick turnover.

Prediction #3: The Jets will start four different quarterbacks

The Jets have already waived Tim Tebow and the rumor mill has Mark Sanchez the next to be cut. This quarterback rotation became messier when the team drafted Geno Smith. Smith will get the pressure to start and that will make this season even tougher for Jet fans. Get ready for a never ending quarterback carousel, until Smith gets the reigns to finish out a hopeless season.

Prediction #4: The Jets will win one game in the AFC East

The Jets are going to finish in last place in the AFC East. The Jets will be swept by both the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. With just one victory against the Buffalo Bills, the Jets will plummet to last place in the division and never recover. Don’t be surprised if the Jets lose every game to the vastly improved AFC East.

Prediction #5: The Jets will have no Players selected to the Pro Bowl

Here is a quick test: quick name the Jets best player. Having troubles? You should have trouble because this roster is filled with aging veterans, unproven rookies and some second tier players. This is going to be a very long season and the Jet players will have given up by week 10 as they coast out the rest of the crumbling season with an eye on the 2014 NFL draft.

2013 New York Jets Predictions: Record 3-13

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