Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?

Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?

The New England Patriots are Super Bowl 51 champions, but it is never too early to ask the question:  who will win Super Bowl 52?

The top rated online sportsbooks did not waste anytime posting the odds to win Super Bowl 52.

Complete listings of all teams and their odds to win the Super Bowl can be found here: Super Bowl 52 Odds

Here is a look at the favorites, contenders and the surprises that could win Super Bowl 52 next year.


When considering who will win Super Bowl 52 you have to look at the best teams in the National Football League since they will be the front runners when the season kicks off.

New England Patriots (+400)

It comes as no shock that the defending champions are the favorite to repeat after their victory over the Atlanta Falcons. As long as quarterback Tom Brady is healthy and the Patriots play in a weak AFC East, they have a chance to win it all. The Patriots will have a huge target on their team, but if you believe in Brady there is every reason to believe they could win it all again in Super Bowl 52.

Atlanta Falcons (+700)

Despite the ugly loss in the Super Bowl, the Falcons still have a very good team. They now have the experience of playing in the big game which will help as they attempt to make a return to the top in the NFC. Although they lost some coordinators, the Falcons still have the NFL MVP in Matt Ryan and plenty of talent on the field.

Other favorites to consider are the Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000) and the Seattle Seahawks (+1200).

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Next up on the list of who will win Super Bowl 52 is the contenders that have showed they have talent and could take the next step.

Dallas Cowboys (+1000)

The Cowboys are no surprise as they have a very good team. They have the best offensive line I football and two of the best and brightest young stars in the NFL on offense. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot will power this offense for years to come. If not for a comeback from Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys could have played in the Super Bowl a year ago.

Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?
Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?

Green Bay Packers (+1000)

Speaking of the Packers, they have a legitimate chance of winning the Lombardi Trophy. Aaron Rodgers always has this team in the playoffs and if they can improve on defense then they have a legitimate shot of winning the Super Bowl.

Other contenders to consider are the New York Giants (+1600) and the Kansas City Chiefs (+1600).


They may not be the best teams in the league, but it is always fun to pick a few surprises to win the Super Bowl. Last year the Falcons were 100 to 1 to win the Super Bowl. Here are three teams that could stun the NFL this year and go to the Super Bowl.

Oakland Raiders (+1600)

The Raiders flashed one of the most prolific offenses a season ago. If not for a late season injury to quarterback Derek Carr, this team could have challenged the other teams in the AFC. Now with a healthy Carr and an improving defense this team could win the AFC.

Houston Texans (+4000)

The Texans have one of the best defenses in the league and they will get a healthy JJ Watt back in the lineup. The problem for this team has always been the quarterback. They are rumored to be looking at Tony Romo and if they could bring him to the team, these odds look very tempting.

Detroit Lions (+5800)

Matthew Stafford had the Lions offense working well last year and this team always found a way to win the close games. The late grueling schedule was too tough for this team to overcome and they lost late. The Lions will use the draft to build the defense and the Lions will be a playoff team again this season.

Other surprises to consider are the Philadelphia Eagles (+3800) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3300).

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