Why LeBron James is Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers

Why LeBron James is Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers

It’s going to happen. LeBron James is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. The 2017-2018 season will be the last season that LeBron will be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Between now and then there will be heavy speculation on if he is staying or going and where he may end up. I am here to tell you know. LeBron is leaving Cleveland, get ready for it. When people discuss the possibility of LeBron leaving, they are focusing on the wrong issues. Here are the real reasons why LeBron will no longer play for the Cavaliers after next season.

James Already Won For Cleveland

LeBron James cleaned up his legacy after darting for Miami. He returned to his home town and brought a championship to the city he grew up in. Now he has nothing left to do. Regardless of what happens with the rest of his career, he will always be welcomed in Cleveland.

Why LeBron James is Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers
Why LeBron James is Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers

Best In The East Not Good Enough

The Cavs are the best team in the Eastern Conference. They go to the NBA Finals every year, but they just can’t win the biggest prize anymore. At reputable sports betting online sites the Cavs are the favorite to win the East. However concerning projected wins on the season, there are three teams that have a higher projected total than the Cavs. Here is a list of the NBA win totals. The NBA is considering removing divisions and this would make the Cavs a lower seed in the playoffs. Winning the East is not good enough anymore. James needs a new place to play.

Not the GM, it’s the Owner

David Griffin was fired as the General Manager of the Cavaliers and James expressed his support via twitter.

Then Chauncey Billups interviewed for the job and he passed. Many speculated that it was James telling Billups he was leaving, but that was not true. Billups passed due to money and control. Owner Dan Gilbert is once again making moves that irk James, but this time LeBron loves it.

Cavs Are Toxic

The GM situation is up in the air, the owner is wreaking havoc and right now the atmosphere around the Cavs is toxic. In fact when the Cavs were trying to acquire Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls, current team members told Butler to stay away and that there could be an “unforeseen early breakup” of the current team.

Not Leaving but Pushed Out

When James left for Miami, Gilbert played the victim. James was made out to be a villain. The way that Gilbert is acting of late will now make it look as though James is being forced to leave because he cannot work with Gilbert. This will make Gilbert the villain and allow James to leave Cleveland (again) with less static from the fan base.

Lasting Legacy

The most important reason that LeBron is leaving the Cavaliers is legacy. He does not want to be known as the player that lost a lot in the Final. He wants rings. Consider this: James could have his jersey retired with three teams. It is a given that the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers will retire his jersey. If James can play for another team and win multiple championships, it is possible they could also retire his number. That would be an incredible legacy to have.

The “New” Super Team

It took LeBron a while to build his super team, but that is not the way the NBA works anymore. With the amount of money and control that the players have it would be very easy for James to build another super team and one that could compete with the Golden State Warriors.

Where Will James Go?

This is the fun part. This summer will have no shortage of big names that will be free agents in the NBA. This will allow the rumors to run rampant about where James and several of the biggest stars will go. LeBron will be connected with many teams especially those teams on the west coast with the Lakers and Clippers being the front runners. The New York Knicks will also be an option only because of the market size. James will also be rumored to join Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul who both would be willing to move around. Where LeBron goes is going to be anyone’s guess, but there is one thing for sure.

LeBron James is going to be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers

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