Who Will be the Alabama Starting Quarterback?

The build up to the college football season is incredible. Head coaches are making the starting lineups. Fans are making their predictions and sportsbooks are putting out the lines for the first week of college football. One of the most popular teams is the Alabama Crimson Tide, but they still have a decision to make. Head coach Nick Saban has not made an announcement yet so fans are wondering, who will be the Alabama starting quarterback?

Odds on the Alabama starting Quarterback

The odds on which signal caller Nick Saban will choose as his starting quarterback have been posted only at MyBookie. The current players battling for the top spot is Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa. Tagovaliloa is the favorite at (-250) to get the start and Hurts is an underdog at (+180). 

Who Will be the Alabama Starting Quarterback?

Who Will be the Alabama Starting Quarterback?


Why it Will be Tua?

The easy answer is that he led the Tide to a second half comeback in the College Football Playoff championship game. He is a different type of quarterback than Saban is used to and is a different type of leader on the field. It seems like this is exactly what Alabama needs right now.

Why Will it Be Hurts?

He is the more experienced quarterback and he is 26-2 as a starter which is a very good record. The problem with Hurts is that he is voicing his concern with the team and making it public.

That cannot be a good thing for the team and Saban who does not like this kind of unwanted attention.

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Who Will get the Job?

Our pick is Tua Tagovailoa. He looked stellar in the championship game and overall possesses more talent than Hurts. The writing is on the wall in Alabama and that is why Hurts is campaigning for things to change from its current course. This is only a matter of time and this is why our pick to be the Alabama starting quarterback is Tua Tagovailoa.



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