Urban Meyer Staying at Ohio State

Urban Meyer Staying at Ohio State

Okay I hit Twitter and I posted a tweet on why Urban Meyer is staying at Ohio State. It all started with the Ohio State odds that I found and that prompted me to keep an eye on this story. I have been following this story since it broke and I tracked the odds for Urban to be fired and the odds on every coach to replace him (including Tom Herman). However, I got some feedback from some folks asking about my intel on this story. I am not a professional journalist and I marked my sources as unofficial to be transparent, but I wanted to share my insight and information.

The Wise Guys Know

If you follow my site you know that I am all about sports gambling. I know the ins and out about sports betting and when the people that set the odds on topical events like Urban Meyer, I track them. I watched two sportsbooks and the odds that they put on this story.

You’re Fired!

Online sportsbook MyBookie was the first place that I noticed that put odds on Urban. They had odds that he would be fired, resign or step down due to health issues. Those odds changed during the last few weeks. The odds originally favored Urban being fired and they quickly changed to him staying with Ohio State. Now they have been removed.

It is interesting to note that MyBookie still has odds on the first coach to be fired this year and Urban is not the favorite, but he is close.

The Next Coach

Sportsbetting.ag posted odds on the next head coach at Ohio State. These odds changed with assistants being favored and it even took a hit when the Tom Herman news broke. However, like at MyBookie, these odds have been removed.

If a sportsbook removes odds, it is usually because they know they have no value on placing odds on the topic. That is because the answer is obvious. In this case the answer is that Urban Meyer is coming back to Ohio State.

My Sources

I will always reveal my sources if asked, but for the most part my sources are fans. I know fans can be insane, but fans follow the team the closest and they usually live in the local area. Because of this they always have some good insight on what is going on in Columbus. So when a follower on social media earns my trust I have no problems with sharing the info. I do mark it “unofficial” but if I post it I have faith in it. There are more reasons to believe Urban Meyer is staying at Ohio State.

I’m Not Alone

There are other places that are already reporting that Urban is not going anywhere. The Chicago Tribune published an article a few days ago suggesting that Urban Meyer is staying at Ohio State. They believe he would get suspended and not fired.

The Recruits

If a big name college football coach is leaving, the first thing that happens is that the recruits jump ship. That is not the case with Ohio State. In fact the Buckeyes recruiting is holding steady and overall it is unaffected. The first thing a new recruit would ask is if the coach is coming back. On some level they must be reassured or else they would have left by now.

One Last Thing

Finally, there is this. The Buckeyes are starting to loosen up their media blackout restrictions. They also could sneak this information out over the weekend with some NFL action to try and bury the news. I have been wrong before, but not this time, Urban Meyer is staying at Ohio State.

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