How Tom Brady’s Injury has Moved the AFC Championship Point Spread

How Tom Brady’s Injury has Moved the AFC Championship Point Spread

Leading up to the AFC Championship between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots, the story line was how easy the Patriots have it. Many previews covered the big game and offered up bold predictions, but now that has all changed. That all changed when Tom Brady injured his hand. Now the NFL world is upside down as everyone wants to know the extent of Tom Brady’s injury. The reports may be vague and the press conferences have been downright useless, but there is one thing for sure, the point spread has changed.

Point Spread History

Many of the top rated online sportsbooks and the Las Vegas big sportsbooks opened up the Patriots as (-9) point favorites. The line moved slightly at first as it hit (-8.5) and then (-8). Many considered this move was due to the fact that many people liked the Jags defense and believed that they could give the Patriots a fight. This is not a monster move and it is normal for many NFL games to include the AFC Championship game. Then word started getting out about Tom Brady’s injury and that all changed and it changed quickly.

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Patriots Panic: Is It Serious?

If you believe that the NFL Experts are in the know when it comes to betting on football then Tom Brady’s injury is serious. The Patriots are always secretive about the status of injuries especially when it comes to Brady, but the odds makers tell a different story. This point spread which was at one point at (-9) is now as low as (-7) at some sports betting sites that offer betting on the AFC Championship game.

How Tom Brady’s Injury has Moved the AFC Championship Point Spread
How Tom Brady’s Injury has Moved the AFC Championship Point Spread


Alternate Betting Lines

The best online sportsbooks offer alternate betting lines and even those point spreads have been changing. The alternate lines had the Patriots (-7) -160 and then you could get the Jags at (+7) +140 and now that has moved 30 cents in favor of the Jaguars. Now it is Patriots (+7) -130 and the Jags (+7) +110. A similar 25 cent move was triggered on the Patriots (-10) alternate line which moved 25 cents over news of Tom Brady’s injury. So what is the move now for those that are going to bet on the AFC Championship game?

How to Bet on the Championship Game

If you already bought in on The Jaguars at plus +9 or higher you do not want to buy in any more as you have lost value. Waiting and betting on this game with live betting options may be your best bet. However if you have yet to bet on the game and you believe that Tom Brady’s injury is not serious, then buying in on the Patriots (-7) is quite a bargain. The sportsbooks never have to beg for Patriots money as they are one of the most popular teams in the NFL. Whatever way you bet it is quite clear that we will not know the extent of the hand injury until they kick off on Sunday.

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