TimberWolves Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Traded to the Nets

TimberWolves Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Traded to the Nets

Things are going crazy in Minnesota and Jimmy Butler wants out. We have looked over the Timberwolves trade rumors and we have figured it out. Our best guess is that you will see this headline this week: Jimmy Butler traded to the Nets. Our sources are not official and we use different sources, but this is our best guess. We have been right before using our sources (hey, Urban Meyer) and we firmly believe that Butler is going East.

Do you think you know what team Jimmy Butler will be traded to? You can bet on it here. 

The Odds Point the Way

Our favorite sportsbook loves to post odds on things like this and we love to bet on things like this. The Timberwolves (-200) were the favorite to keep Butler, but those odds changed when news broke over the weekend. Coach Tom Thibodeau and general manager Scott Layden have reportedly been reluctant to make a deal, but owner Glenn Taylor wants it to happen and happen fast. This will make sure that Butler is traded.

TimberWolves Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Traded to the Nets
TimberWolves Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler Traded to the Nets

Other Teams in the Running

The Nets (+900), Celtics (+1000), Sixers (+1400), Knicks (+1600) and the Lakers (+1600) lead the way according to the latest NBA odds.

Not the Clippers

Jimmy Butler wants to go to the Clippers. The odds show that the Clippers (+200) have the highest odds to land Butler, but why would the Wolves give him what he wants? He is holding the team hostage and they want to get him out as soon as possible. Since every team knows that they have to trade Butler, the deals won’t be as great as the Wolves would like. These are just a few of the reasons we believe that teh headlines this week will read: Jimmy Butler traded to the Nets.

Why the Nets?

First if the Wolves trade Butler to the Nets he will be out of the conference. This way they only have to see him on a limited basis. It is actually a good fit for Butler because the Nets have the flexibility to sign max contracts in the off season. Nets have better ownership than the Knicks and they offer an easier path to the playoffs then playing out West. Sean Marks is doing great things for the Nets and he will make a big splash by acquiring Jimmy Butler. Bet on the Nets getting Jimmy Butler. 

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