The 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Winning Sports Bettors

The 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Winning Sports Bettors

Betting on sports and it can be profitable if you do it right. As of right now, most people bet online at a (hopefully) safe and reputable sportsbook. Or they bet with an illegal bookie. It won’t be long before sports betting will be legal, as several states in the United States like New Jersey or West Virginia, are close to legalizing sports betting. Whether you bet at one of the great online sportsbooks or you are waiting for it to be legalized, now is the time to learn how to successfully bet on sports. The best way to do this is to learn from the pros that are already making money by betting on sports. This is why we have compiled a list of the 7 habits of highly profitable winning sports bettors. I know March Madness is here and you could be looking for printable brackets or even the best March Madness contests, but if you want to win all year long you should follow these tips.

Money Management

The first of the 7 habits of highly profitable winning sports bettors might be the most obvious: money management. When betting on sports it is very tempting to go all in on a wager that you really like, but that is a mistake. Setting obtainable goals and monitoring the wagers placed is the first step in becoming successful at sports betting.

The 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Winning Sports Bettors
The 7 Habits of Highly Profitable Winning Sports Bettors

Do Your Own Work

If done right, betting on sports is fun, but it also requires hard work. There are thousands of sports betting experts that offer picks for a price. However, it is tough to find one that can do the job as good as you can, if you put your mind to it. If you plan on just throwing a few bucks on the occasional game then you can go to someone else, but if you really want to take it seriously and win big, then doing your own work can be profitable and rewarding!

It’s All About the Number

When it comes to bet ting on sports it is all about getting the point spread that you want on a game. Because of that the successful sports handicapper will have a number in mind before it is released. This is also why it is important to have a credible sportsbook that posts the point spread as early as possible. When it comes to the 7 habits of highly profitable winning sports bettors, this may be the most important. This is why the most advanced and profitable sports bettors will make their own point spreads using power rankings to take advantage of the early lines.

Wise guys Bet Early, Public Bets Late

The reason that getting the right number is important is because in many different sports like football and basketball, every point counts. That is why the smart betting players will bet as early as possible.  They choose online sports betting sites that post an overnight line and will place wagers before most of the public even sees the point spread. This will allow the smart sports bettor the opportunity to hedge against original bets and buy back against the original number that they got when it opened. The smart bettor has multiple opportunities to take advantage of the point spread and make money. The sports bettor that places their wager just before the game starts will miss out on this opportunity.

Amount of Wagers

When speaking with most professional sports handicappers they always say that this is a mandatory part of the 7 habits of highly profitable winning sports bettors. The amount of wagers is very critical to winning money when betting on sports. The more wagers that are made will not only spread out the value but it could also leave the sports bettor vulnerable to losses. The smart sports bettor will make a habit of only playing the games that provide value and keeping their risk at a minimum. When it comes to winning when betting on sports, less is more.

Just Because it’s a Big Game, doesn’t make it a Big Bet

Everyone loves a championship game. It could be the Super Bowl, the NBA Championship or the World Series. When these games are on, rookie sports bettors tend to load up on the game. This is because it is the biggest game of the year, it is on television and they will be watching it. This could be a huge mistake. Big games usually provide less value because those games are stand-alone games and that means that the odds makers have a good handle on where the bets are going and therefore they can get the most value out of the point spread, not you.

Where You Bet

If you are betting on sports online, you know how important it is to find a sports betting site that has everything that you need and more. If you are not lucky enough to live in Las Vegas then betting online is the best choice. However you may want a sportsbook that offers different perks to tailor the way that you bet. For example, you may want reduced juice so you can risk less to win more, if that is the case than 5Dimes is the sportsbook for you. Maybe you are looking for a Risk-free bet with big bonuses so you can try betting online for March Madness. If that is the case, than MyBookie is the sportsbook for you. Perhaps you want a sportsbook that releases lines early. If so then you have to check out and what they have to offer. Where you bet is just as important as how you bet when it comes to wagering on sports.

This is a list of the 7 habits of highly profitable winning sports bettors, but there are more. Once you begin to bet on sports and you see the many different things that you need to do you will find the best way to make money betting on sports!
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