Super Bowl LII Prop Bets: National Anthem over/under

Super Bowl LII Prop Bets:  National Anthem over/under

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the season and it only makes sense that it is one of the most wagered on events of the year. Watching and wagering on the Super Bowl is a traditional event. There are traditional ways to bet on the big game as well as newer ways like live betting. Every year not only do NFL fans bet on the game but they also bet on the propositional bets that are offered up every year. There are plenty of NFL experts with NFL predictions and many who believe that the Eagles will win or the Patriots will win, but there is a better way to bet the Super Bowl. Many prop bets are at the top online sportsbooks, even before they knew who would play in the Super Bowl. One of the first Super Bowl prop bets to be released is the National Anthem over/under.

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National Anthem Rehearsal

If you think the rehearsal of the National Anthem means anything Pink warmed up with blonde hair and a microphone stand. Those are two props that are available for betting during the Super Bowl along with a full list of other betting props on this game. 

History of the National Anthem over/under

Every year millions of people bet on the National Anthem over/under and try and figure if it will be a short song or a long drawn out salute to the United States. The average time of the last 12 renditions of the song have clocked in at 118.6 seconds. The longest ever done was in Super Bowl XLVII by Alicia Keys and the shortest was by Billy Joel when he performed it in 90 seconds at Super Bowl XLI. This year the National Anthem is performed by Pink. Will she go long or keep it under the number?

Super Bowl LII Prop Bets: National Anthem over/under
Super Bowl LII Prop Bets: National Anthem over/under

The Pink Point spread

Many online sportsbooks released Super Bowl LII prop early and the National Anthem over/under and the coin toss were a few of the first to hit the betting boards. The latest odds for the National Anthem over/under are at 120 seconds. If you believe Pink will take more than 120 seconds to sing the Star Bangled banner you will have to lay -180 to win 100. If you think that it will go under the total you will get +140 for every $100 dollars you bet. These are the currents odds at 5 Dimes. They also have a long list of Super Bowl LII props to include the coin toss and many, many more! 5 Dimes joins, Bet Online,, My Bookie and as some of the best sportsbooks to bet on Super Bowl props. Recent reports is that she has the flu and that could play into how she sings on Sunday. 

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 National Anthem over/under Prediction

This is a fun sports betting proposition and the smart football fan will treat it that way. So if you bet on this prop then proceed with caution. Anything can happen and the closer it gets to game time, the more lopsided this bet will become. Pink is an incredible artist. She is a mixture between pop artist and diva. She has the ability to put he own unique twist on the National Anthem. While Pink can sing with the best artists out there today she prides herself in not being a diva. Because of that I believe she will keep this short and sweet. Take the UNDER 120 seconds (+140). You will be staring at your watch and the only person at the Super Bowl party to cheer loudly when the National Anthem is done, but there is nothing like starting the Super Bowl off with a winner! If you are betting the game all teh reports indicate that big money bets are coming in on the Eagles, but if you like the National Anthem the play is the under.

Bet on the National Anthem under 120 seconds

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