Super Bowl LII Picks: Why the Eagles Will Win

Super Bowl LII Picks: Why the Eagles Will Win

The Super Bowl is here and everyone wants to gather around the television and watch the big game. It is also the time of the year when everyone likes to put out their Super Bowl LII picks. All of the writers here were asked to put out their Super Bowl LII picks and I knew my pick the second the Championship games were complete. Some of my other colleagues and NFL experts believe that the Patriots will win, but I know the Philadelphia Eagles will win the Super Bowl. While the smug handicappers think they know what will happen, I got the inside scoop on the big game.

Money Says So

The New England Patriots opened up as big favorites when the Super Bowl odds were first put out.  Depending on what online sportsbook you were looking for the point spread, the Patriots were listed as high as (-7.5) point favorites. That has changed drastically in the first week of Super Bowl betting. The Patriots are now as low as (-4) favorites because all of the money is coming in on the Eagles. It’s not just any kind of bet either; we are talking some big money. There are reports out of Las Vegas that a multi-million dollar bet was placed on the Eagles.

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Brady is Overrated

I know I am going to catch some heat for this statement, but it’s true. Sure he may get the MVP in the regular season but he is starting to show weakness. In the AFC Championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars he showed happy feet when under too much pressure. He has thrown more interceptions down the stretch than he has in years. There is no doubt that he is awesome, but he is getting old and he is beatable.

Super Bowl LII Picks: Why the Eagles Will Win
Super Bowl LII Picks: Why the Eagles Will Win

Inside Sources

The Eagles have running back LeGarrette Blount and defensive stud Chris Long who played on the Patriots last year. They know about this team and this organization. Sure the coaches have changed plenty of things but having too experienced players on this team that knows the Patriots will give this team the confidence that they need to beat the Patriots. All reports indicate that the big money bets are coming in on the Eagles and that is smart money.

Defense Wins Ballgames

If defense wins ballgames, then the Eagles will easily dominate this game. The Patriots defense is fine but they have not created a turnover in the playoffs. The Eagles have a suffocating defense that can get after Brady and shut down the running backs. The Eagles can get after Brady without extra defenders and this will be the edge that ultimately wins the game.

Super Bowl LII picks

It’s simple; the Eagles are the play in the big game. Sure you can bet on the silly prop bets if you want, but there is a much better bet to be made. When the odds were released I bet the Eagles (+7.5) and I took them again at (+4.5). You can also bet on the Eagles money line which is very attractive with a huge payback. Don’t spend too much time on your Super Bowl LII picks, just take the Eagles to be the champions of the NFL.

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