Super Bowl 52 Predictions: Why the Patriots Will Win

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year and it seems like everyone has an opinion, even if it’s wrong.  Some of the NFL experts and even one of my closest friends believes that the Philadelphia Eagles will beat the New England Patriots. That literally makes me laugh. Sure I am a Patriots fan, but when I was asked to make my Super Bowl 52 predictions the choice was clear. The Patriots will win yet again and it won’t even be close.

Big Money is Not Always Smart Money

The Super Bowl odds have been on the move ever since they were posted. The point spread on the Super Bowl started with the Patriots listed as (-7.5) and now it has moved three points or more depending on what top ten online sportsbook that you like to bet on football at. This line moved because the Eagles money has been flooding in on this game. There has even been a many multi-million dollar bets on the Eagles. The bookies are now praying for the Patriots to win. People assume that when someone lays that much money on a football game, they must know something or be a wise guy. Even stupid people have a lot of money. Doesn’t mean they can pick football games. You always want to be on teh same side as the bookies.

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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

In the Super Bowl, experience is everything. The team that has been here before knows how to avoid distractions and focus on the big game. No duo has more experience than Brady and Belichick. They know exactly how to plan for opponent and exactly how to take advantage of a team. When handicapping the Super Bowl you have to consider this and those that think Tom Brady is overrated are just crazy. He singlehandedly won the AFC Championship game by making key throws at big moments, despite and injury to his hand. Tom will be ready to claim another ring.

Super Bowl 52 Predictions: Why the Patriots Will Win

Super Bowl 52 Predictions: Why the Patriots Will Win

Finding Fault in Foles

Nick Foles is the Eagles quarterback. I applaud what he has done up to this point. Especially in the NFC Championship game when torched an incredible defense. However the Patriots coaching staff will throw something at him that he has never seen. In the Bill Belichick era is the Patriots are 159-15 when they have a positive turnover differential and they will be able to spook Nick Foles. The Patriots will build a lead and that will force Foles into throwing and big mistakes and that will ultimately cost them a championship. All reports indicate that the big money bets are coming in on the Eagles and they are wrong!

Gronk is Fine

Rob Gronkowski is a key part of the Patriots offense can be a nightmare cover for opposing defenses. After a vicious hit against the Jacksonville Jaguars, many believed he will not play in the Super Bowl. He is going to play. The latest reports are that he is taking part in practice which is a sure sign that he will suit up.


That makes it very clear that not only will the Patriots win, but the time to bet on them is right now.

Super Bowl 52 Predictions

There are some great prop bets to consider, but the side is where the money is to be made. The Patriots (-4.5) is a gift. Once it becomes official and the Patriots announce that Gronk will play, this line will skyrocket. Get the point spread when it is at its lowest and bet on the Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl champions and win Super Bowl 52.

Bet on the Patriots (-4.5) 

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