2017 NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread For Every Game

NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread For Every Game

The last week of the National Football League is regular season is here! If you are betting on this week in football you have to make sure you know what teams have to play for. That could make all the difference in winning or losing. It is time to look at all of the possible scenarios and offer up insight as we deliver the NFL Week 17 ATS Picks For Every Game.

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Now on to the 2017 NFL Week 16 ATS Picks for Every Game.  All point spreads are provided by MyBookie.ag. This should be the place that you are betting on the NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread For Every Game.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens

The NFL Week 17 picks against the spread for every game starts with an important game. This game comes down to one thing. The Ravens need to win and they are in the playoffs. This is why they are (-10) point favorites. The Bengals won last week because they wanted to win at home and send Marvin Lewis out a winner, but they have nothing to play for this week. The Ravens win big with extra rest and go to the playoffs.

Bet on the Ravens (-10.5)  

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions

This is painful to watch as the Lions and the Packers have nothing to play for. The Lions are at home and that is an edge that still means something. The Packers have security in the coaching staff and showed last week that they gave up on the season. As much as we hate to take favorites, this point spread is trying to get you to bite on the Packers plus the points. We are not biting.

Bet on the Lions (-7)   

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins

The NFL moved this game to a 4:25 start for this week. The Dolphins are out of the playoffs, but the Bills still have a shot. That would make it seem like the play is Buffalo, a team that is getting 71% of the action, but guess again. The Dolphins are at home and finally have something to play for. They get to eliminate the Bills from the playoffs. Players like Jay Cutler may be playing for a job next season. The Bills will fall flat after losing to the Patriots and the Dolphins end the season with a big win.

Bet on the Dolphins (+3)  

Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons

Finally a game this weekend that has some serious playoff implications. If the Falcons win they are in and if they lose they will need the Cardinals to beat the Seahawks to get in. For the Panthers it is all about seeding. They could be a No. 2 or 3 seed or plummet to a No. 5 seed. Panthers coach Ron Rivera says that he is focused on winning. The Panthers are red hot and they have one had one loss in the last two months and they have won five of the last seven games on the road. But the Falcons are a different team at home and they are still the team that went to the Super Bowl a year ago. The Falcons win and get into the playoffs.

Bet on the Falcons (-3.5)  

New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is another game that was moved to a late time slot so all of the games could be played late that have serious playoff implications. The Saints have plenty of reason to win this game because if they win they will get the divisional crown. This number is way too high for our liking but the Buccaneers are playing under a lame duck head coach and still have some serious defensive issues. We will back the veterans coach and quarterback in a game that means everything. The Saints do not want the Wild card and their motivation will lead to a blowout win.

Bet on the Saints (-7)

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans

This is another big game as the Titans need to win if they want to make the playoffs. The Jags are off an ugly loss against the 49ers, but have already secured a playoff spot. This is not a news flash, but the Titans are not as good as advertised. The Jags are. The Jags also want to go into the playoffs on a high note and not off a losing game and so this game is important to them. Jaguars coach Doug Marrone says they won’t rest starters in this game. The line says the Jags don’t care, but the points are still a gift in this spot.

2017 NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread For Every Game
2017 NFL Week 17 Picks Against the Spread For Every Game

Bet on the Jaguars (+6)  

New York Jets vs New England Patriots

Talk about a game that means nothing. The news will say that the Pats have to win to keep home field, but winning and covering are two different things. The Patriots and the Jets have nothing to play for. For some reason the Patriots still will start their players, because that is the way that they have always done it, but don’t look for it to last long. By the fourth quarter this will look like a preseason game. It is interesting to see that Ex-Steelers James Harrison signed with the Patriots.

Bet on the Jets (+16)

Houston Texans vs Indianapolis Colts

The string of meaningless games continues as the Texans go up against the Colts in week 17. The Texans may have more to play for as they want to keep their head coach around, but the Colts are done. New players and new coaches next year will be coming. The Colts are done and will look bad at home which is what the management wants to justify a coaching overhaul.

Bet on the Texans (+4)  

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Now this game means a little something. The Steelers are still playing for home field (if the Pats lose) and the Browns would like to win a game eventually. The Steelers are saying the right thing as they are “playing to win” but they know the Pats won’t lose to the Jets. Last year the Browns took the Steelers to overtime and they will be giving extra effort again against a team that is looking towards the playoffs. We are laying off the money line, but still way too many points for the Browns.

Play on the Browns (+14)  

Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

When looking at the NFL Week 17 picks against the spread for every game, these are the hard games to handicap. The Redskins and the Giants is just another meaningless game in the NFL this week. The difference is that the Giants are at home and are undervalued since they were shutout last week against the Cardinals. Eli knows this is his last game with the Giants and he wants to go out a winner.

Bet on the Giants (+3)   

Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings don’t have the No. 1 seed because they lost that to Philly so the inspiration may not be there for Minnesota. They do want the No. 2 seed and the first-round bye but that does not mean that they will cover the number. The Vikings may not even play all of their starters so it’s hard to drop this number, but even harder to take it with the Bears on the road. This is a pass, but since we make a pick on every game we will take the Vikings.

Bet on the Vikings (-12)   

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

Philly should rest just about every starter they have on a short week. The Cowboys want to win, because they got so much ridicule for losing to the Seahawks. This once again has the feel of a preseason game and although the Eagles are tempting as home dogs, the line is that way for a reason.

Bet on the Cowboys (-2.5)   

Oakland Raiders vs LA Chargers

The Chargers are still playing for something. They also want to prove that they own LA since the Raider fans are supposed to dominate the crowd in this game. The Raiders fall flat on a short week and the Chargers win big.

Bet on the Chargers (-8)  

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

When it comes to the NFL Week 17 picks against the spread for every game this could be our best bet. The Seahawks are not the same team they were last year. We know they beat the Cowboys, but the home field advantage is not there. The Cardinals have reason to play well since it is announced that head coach Bruce Arians will be parting ways with the Cardinals after the season. It is also being whispered about the league that Larry Fitzgerald will retire making this a more important game for this team.

Bet on the Cardinals (+9)

Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos

Paxton Lynch is getting the start for the Broncos which will show that Denver wants to give him one more shot to prove that he is the future.  Kansas City wants to stay healthy while Vance Joseph and the Broncos are playing for their jobs.

Bet on the Broncos (-3.5)

San Francisco 49ers vs LA Rams

The 49ers played the Rams tough before Jimmy G was under center so that makes the 49ers even more attractive this week. The Rams cannot earn a first round bye so they are pretty much waiting to see how everything end up when the dust has settled. The 49ers are too hot too pas up in this spot.

Bet on the 49ers (+4)   

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