July 11, 2020

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NFL Week 16 Picks: Bills vs Patriots Predictions

NFL Week 16 Picks: Bills vs Patriots Predictions

Happy Holidays everyone and here at Bookie Blitz we are getting a site makeover so excuse the construction on our site for the next few days. But to celebrate the change we are giving out free picks on all of the big games starting with the Bills vs Patriots predictions.

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Are the Patriots in trouble?

Bills vs Patriots predictions

Everyone is giving up on the Patriots, but nothing will cure that like a game against the Buffalo Bills. The only problem is the Bills love to play against the Patriots. This is their Super Bowl. The Patriots lost Josh Gordon and now have to try and get a win. The sportsbooks are trying to suck you in with this line below two touchdowns (-13.5) but don’t buy into it. The road team has covered 19 of the last 27 meetings and the Patriots don’t have the offense to pull away from teams anymore.

Bills +13.5