NFL Preseason Betting Tips and Strategies: 5 Tips to Make Money Betting on Preseason Football

NFL Preseason Betting Tips and Strategies: 5 Tips to Make Money Betting on Preseason Football

The NFL preseason starts with the Hall of Fame game and then will feature four weeks of football. Now is the time to learn how to bet on the NFL preseason. While some people would argue that there is no reason to watch these games, sports bettors have hundreds of reasons to tune into NFL preseason games. If you have ever considered betting on NFL preseason football or if you have done it in the past, here are a few NFL preseason betting tips to pad your wallet for the kickoff of the regular season.

Tip #1: Choose your sportsbook wisely

Many people bet on football for many different reasons. You may bet on the game because it is more fun to watch when you have some action down or you just like to bet on sports, but for everyone that bets on football the main goal is to win money. NFL preseason betting tips are useless if you don’t have a place to bet on football that will pay out. 

That is why Tip #1 is choosing your sportsbook wisely. To have a successful season betting on football you need to have a safe sportsbook with quality customer service and plenty of extra perks. So why not use the best sportsbook?

This may include big bonuses like the current $1000 sign bonus offered by, exclusive perks like the 10% weekly rebate offered at or early bird football bonuses like the ones offered by BetMania.

Check out the latest reviews and rankings of the Top Ten sportsbooks to bet on the NFL preseason.

Tip #2 Get deep with the teams

If there are two words that you need to know during the preseason it is simply this; DEPTH CHART. Preseason games are often won in the fourth quarter and you want to know what players the team will have on the field when your money is on the line. This is one tip that can make the difference between winning and losing. Teams have already released their depth charts and they adjust them during training camp. Keep on top of the changes if you want to make money betting on the preseason.

5 Tips to Make Money Betting on Preseason Football
NFL Preseason Betting Tips and Strategies

NFL preseason contest

It may just be the preseason, but there is money to be won in our annual Bookie Blitz NFL preseason contest. The contest is simple. Pick five games against the spread each week and the player with the most winners gets the cash! The prizes are $25 for the most winning picks each week and $250 for the most winning picks in the preseason. Complete terms and conditions can be found here.

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Tip #3 Coaches Care…or Do They?

Some NFL preseason betting tips go unnoticed like coaching.  Coaches are different in the way they approach games. Some coaches could care less if they win a preseason game. They are just hoping to stay healthy up to the regular season and for that reason they have an awful record against the spread (ATS). Like the Falcons Dan Quinn who went 0-4 ATS last season or the Buccaneers Dirk Koetter who went 1-3 ATS last season.

Other coaches like to win, and they will emphasize winning each and every game, even if it is just the preseason.  Some of these coaches are Mike Zimmer of the Minnesota Vikings (12-5 ATS), Pete Carroll (34-14-1) and the Ravens John Harbaugh (27-13 ATS).

Keep this list in mind before making a bet in the NFL preseason.

Tip #4 Read All About It

In this day and age of social media, information is everywhere! The great thing about preseason football is that the coaches and players are not shy about revealing their game plan. This information is very useful for placing a wager on the NFL preseason.

Coaches will announce areas that they hope to focus on, players that will either sit or play, and strategies leading up to the game. This will never happen in the regular season and can give you a serious edge to betting on the preseason. Keep your Twitter tuned into coaches and local media coverage of all the NFL teams to get the most up-to-date information.

Tip #5 Get That Extra Edge

This is a very simple tip, but could provide the biggest profit in the long run. Those smart handicappers that bet on the preseason are better prepared for the regular season. When you bet on the NFL preseason you will have the edge on the books and his will translate into big profit.

Studying the NFL preseason will give you information that will lead to winning wagers during the regular season.

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