NFL Betting Action: Rams and Broncos See Sharp Super Bowl Wagers

NFL Betting Action: Rams and Broncos See Super Bowl Wagers

The NFL season has yet to kickoff but that has not stopped people from betting on the game. Before the start of the NFL preseason, there has been plenty of NFL Betting action. Many of the teams getting betting action from the public are not surprising, but the teams that the sharps are betting on is different. The Super Bowl betting action coming in on these teams may come as a surprise.

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LA Rams

Odds to Win Super Bowl 53: Rams (+750)

The Action Network provided a list of three teams that the wiseguys were betting on to win the Super Bowl and the first team that stood out was the LA Rams. This team is improving every day and they added some serious pieces in the off-season. While some believe the additions will hurt, many believe that this team is Super Bowl bound.

NFL Betting Action: Rams and Broncos See Super Bowl Wagers
NFL Betting Action: Rams and Broncos See Super Bowl Wagers

Is This a Good Bet?

The Rams improved in the off-season by bringing in big name talent on both sides of the ball. Marcus Peters and Aquib Talib shore up an already stout secondary and Ndamukong Suh is ready to add some passing rushing experience to the defensive front. ON offense they signed running back Todd Gurley to a contract and brought wide out Brandin Cooks on board to improve the speed and talent. This team has a good mixture of youth and experience and is easily one of the best teams in the NFC.

Denver Broncos

Odds to Win Super Bowl 53: Broncos (+5000)

The NFL betting action includes taking a long-shot. The most surprising team on this list may be the Denver Broncos. They have a great defense led by Von Miller, but last year they had an awful offense that could not do anything right. They had trouble running the ball and winning football games. The Broncos acquired Case Keenum to play quarterback. This could change this team and bring them from the basement to the Super Bowl. At least the sharp bettors believe so.

Is This a Good Bet?

The Broncos have always had a good defense, but they have been missing a decent offense. Actually the problem last year was at quarterback. The broncos hope they have solved that problem by bringing in Case Keenum. He has looked great in camp and all signs point to him having a good season. They have depth at running back and wide receiver. The offense will be able to help an overly talented defense stay rested and ready to go. With an incredible defense that includes Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Shaq Barrett, Shane Ray and DeMarcus Walker, this team could make a run for the Super Bowl.

Public vs Pros

Other teams getting bets for the Super Bowl from the public include the Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles. The pros like the Rams and the Broncos but have also expressed interest in the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.

Agree or Disagree?

Do you agree with the sharps picks to win the Super Bowl? Or do you think another team is a better bet to win the Super Bowl? Comment Below and make your selection on what team will win the Super Bowl!

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