Odds On the Next Ohio State Head Coach: Tom Herman?

Odds On Next Ohio State Head Coach

The Ohio State Buckeyes are in the midst of a big controversy involving current head coach Urban Meyer. (Drama is updated in this article) This has prompted sportsbooks to put out odds on the next Ohio State Head Coach. Although Urban Meyer has yet to be fired, the odds of his firing have changed at several sportsbooks, which leads to speculation that a decision will be made soon. Tom Herman is on the odds list and now maybe we understand why.

Tom Herman: the Next coach at Ohio State?
Tom Herman: the Next coach at Ohio State?

Taking The Tipster

This story just keep getting better and better. Jeff Snook, who is an Ohio State reporter dropped a bomb shell about the Urban Meyer story. The bottom line is that the reports indicate that Tom Herman, who has been connected to Ohio State, was the person that tipped off Brett McMurphy about the  story. Once proven this is going to be one crazy story! Right now details and speculation are all over the place.

If you want to know the real story of Tom Herman and his involvement with Ohio State, just look at the odds on who the next Ohio State coach will be. If you think Herman will be the next head coach you should bet on it now, because these odds will pay off big time! 

Don’t Count Out Urban

The full list of the 18 potential head coaches can be found here, but among the names on the list to be the next Ohio State Head Coach is a very familiar one. Urban Meyer is (-125) to remain on as the head coach. This is the best odds to stay on as head coach. So although he is in the middle of the best right now, sportsbooks believe that he will be back.

Odds On Next Ohio State Head Coach
Odds On Next Ohio State Head Coach

Big College Names

If you don’t think Urban or Herman will be the choice, there are more names to consider. If Meyer does not come back the name that has come to the surface of late is Bob Stoops. The odds that Stoops will take over are (+1000). Other coaches have better odds to be the head man at Ohio State, which includes Matt Campbell (+450), Ryan Day (+450) and Mike Gundy (+800).

Shooting For the Moon

There are some other interesting names that are on the list of odds to be the next Ohio State Head Coach. Jim Tressel is (+5000) to return to the Buckeyes and that is not the most shocking names. How about Michigan man Jim Harbaugh (+3300) jumping ship at Michigan and coming to Ohio State? If that wasn’t outrageous enough they even have current Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (+3300) listed as a possible replacement.

Check out the entire list of 18 coaches that could be possible replacements for Urban Meyer and pick your winner!

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