July 13, 2020

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New York Jets: The Tim Tebow Move Will Lead To Firing of Rex Ryan

The New York Jets made a big splash in the offseason when they acquired the services of Tim Tebow in a trade via the Denver Broncos. The minute the trade was completed the white-hot spotlight that is always on the jets got just a bit brighter.

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The move by the team, brought about plenty of controversy, questioned the status of Mark Sanchez as starter, and introduced new formations and ways to use Tebow. This will only complicate what will most certainly be a difficult season.

Will Rex Ryan Be Fired by The End of the Year?
Will Rex Ryan Be Fired by The End of the Year?

The Jets are forecast by many experts to struggle as the team goes through changes. They will implement a new offense set of packages to include Tebow, and according to several players “it is like having two playbooks”.

On the other side of the ball the Jets are installing a new defense that will take some time to adjust to. The Tebow move will get all of the headlines, but the jets are trying to do too many things at once. They are putting in new coaches, new players, a new offense and a new defense.

They are playing in a tough division with the dominating New England Patriots and the improved Buffalo Bills. Outside of the Dolphins, the Jets will have a tough time competing for the title in the East, which puts them in a Wildcard battle with plenty of great teams in the AFC.

If the Jets struggle early, the media circus will devour this team and the in-fighting in the locker room will only get louder. This will cause some tension among the team and the ownership and media will look to point the finger at someone. That person will be head coach Rex Ryan.[poll id=”24″]

As the season continues if the jets lose, his seat will only get hotter.

Ryan has always taken responsibility for his actions and the direction of the team. Ryan has shown an inability to control his players in the past and has let this team get away from him. If that happens again this year it could cost him his job.

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