NBA Playoffs Odds, Money and Wise guy Opening Report

NBA Playoffs Odds, Money and Wise guy Opening Report

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and if you are a basketball handicapper then you have to keep an eye on the point spreads for each and every game. The professional and wise guy basketball bettors realize how important the number is that is posted on any game on any given night.  This is where the sports bettor can get value. The smart hoops handicapper is looking for a number and is getting ready to pounce when they see that number. That is why we have decided to provide the sports bettor with a detailed odds report for the NBA playoffs. This includes the opening odds, line movement, where the money is going on each and every game. This allows the sports bettor to be informed and ready to find the value on any games on a nightly basis.

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Washington Wizards vs Toronto Raptors

The Raptors beat the Wizards in the first game of the series by eight points, which barley covered the closing line of (-7.5). This game had some balanced betting as 51 percent of the bets on this game were on Toronto.  This is most likely due to the fact that the Raptors had struggled in the first game of the playoffs in the past. Although the Raptors won and covered, the wise guys still do not trust Toronto.

In game two the Raptors opened up as (-8) point favorites, matching the closing spread of the first game. Over 52 percent of the public betting on this game is backing Toronto to once again win and cover. The Wise Guys disagree. The line dropped 1.5 points from the opener and now sits at (-6.5).

This is due to the influx of the big money that has been placed on the Wizards. Although the public likes the home team, the smart bettors believe that the Wizards are a deadly underdog in game two.

NBA Playoffs Odds, Money and Wise guy Opening Report
NBA Playoffs Odds, Money and Wise guy Opening Report

Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics

The Celtics won and covered in the opener against the Bucks, but it wasn’t easy. The Bucks nailed a deep three with less than two seconds on the clock to send it to overtime. Once the game went to extra time, the Celtics took over and were able to cover the closing number of (-4). Many Bucks backers took the bad beat and will now look to game two for redemption.

The odds makers had to adjust after game one and they opened up the Celtics as small (-3) favorites. The public is split on this game as only 51 percent of the bets are on the home team in this game. The point spread has moved slightly and the Celtics are currently (-2.5) at nearly all of the offshore sportsbooks. The little line movement and split betting shows that the wise guys have yet to pounce on this game. Bucks vs Celtics: Game 2 Preview and Pick

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New Orleans Pelicans vs Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers were upset in the first game of their series against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Blazers lost outright as (-5) point favorites. That closing line indicated that game one should have been close. Although the final score was close, Anthony Davis and the Pelicans dominated game one.

The odds makers placed a (-6) on the Blazers in game two of this series. The public instantly overreacted and pounced on the road team. Over 64 percent of the bets coming in on this game are on the Pelicans. That makes New Orleans the most popular NBA bet of the day by the basketball betting public. The wise guys still think that the Blazers will make this a series and bounce back in game two. Despite the heavy betting on New Orleans by the public, the line moved towards the favorite and the Blazers are now (-6.5) at sportsbooks. This is a perfect example of the public overreacting to a win and the wise guys searching for value.

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