NBA Free Agency Predictions: Will LeBron James Play For the Lakers?

NBA Free Agency Predictions: Will LeBron James Play For the Lakers?

The NBA free agency period begins on July 1st and there are big names out on the open market. While players like Boogie Cousins, Paul George and Chris Paul will be fun to watch, all eyes are on the King. We knew a long time ago that LeBron James was going to leave Cleveland, but now everyone wants to know where LeBron will play next. Some believe that LeBron is staying with Cleveland, but that is not teh team that everyone is talking about. The big question is will LeBron James play for the Lakers?

Because the Wiseguys Say he is Going To LA

If you believe the Wiseguys at sportsbooks know anything, then you believe LeBron is heading to the Lakers. The guys in the know have made the Lakers favorites (-165) to land the King. At online sportsbook MyBookie, the Lakers are favorites ahead of the 76ers (+300), Celtics (+460) and the Rockets (+700) to be the one place that LeBron will land in free agency. If you are looking for the answer to the burning question: Will LeBron James Play For the Lakers? The Wiseguys say yes.

Will LeBron James Play For the Lakers?
NBA Free Agency Predictions: Will LeBron James Play For the Lakers?

LeBron is Calling the Shots

Recent reports indicate that LeBron is in full control of his free agency. He has made it known that he does not want teams to put on an elaborate pitch to try and get him to play. This simply means that LeBron always understands what each team has to offer and he is going to try and get the players he wants around him.

LeBron Looking For Help

There are many reasons LeBron will go to LA, but you know these already. He likes Magic Johnson, he has a house in LA, and he has a production company along with aspirations of being a movie star. The biggest reason is because LeBron can build his own team. Reports show that LeBron is already calling other players that he wants to play with. The Lakers already leaked their pitch for Paul George and they will obviously add anyone that LeBron wants.

If Not LA Then Where?

If you believe the odds, then LeBron’s next landing spot is Philadelphia. They do have a young core for him to build around and would fit in fine. Boston has the assets, but it is highly unlikely that he plays for Boston and teams up with Kyrie again. Cleveland is attempting to make some big named trades to keep James, and the odds are changing as one sportsbook now has the Cavs as the favorite to land LeBron. So should he stay or should he go?

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