How to Live Bet on the NFL Playoffs

How to Live Bet on the NFL Playoffs

The NFL Wildcard weekend is here and we are about to get weeks of NFL playoff action. This provides some entertaining football and some ways to win money if you like to bet on football. If you have never bet on NFL it always makes the game more interesting and fun to watch. There are plenty of betting strategies and picks for the NFL playoffs. However, there is a new way to bet that is sweeping the globe and you do not want to miss out on it. This is known as in-game wagering or live betting. Since it is still relatively new we want to show everyone how to live bet on the NFL Playoffs.

Live Betting 101

It is impossible to learn how to live bet on the NFL Playoffs, if you don’t know what live betting is. So here is live betting explained for all of the people that have never heard of it before. Live betting or in-game betting is the ability to bet on a sporting event as they happen. It allows the player to make a bet on different things as the game unfolds.

Live Betting Example

If the Panthers are playing the Saints and the point spread on the game before it starts is Saints (-7), then that is the base line. If the Saints score a touchdown early that point spread will not be offered via live betting and it could be as high as (-13) depending on the momentum of the game. Watching the game is a must if you want to learn how to live bet the NFL playoffs.

How to Live Bet on the NFL Playoffs
How to Live Bet on the NFL Playoffs

Live in Game Betting Strategy

The best live in game betting strategy changes depending on what sport you bet on. However, one thing that is consistent is momentum. One live in game betting strategy is to bet on momentum. Live betting also offers the chance for a sports bettor to protect wagers by betting on both sides of the game. This is invaluable if you are trying to make money when live betting on sports.

Where to Live Bet on Sports

Many of the top rated sports betting sites have live betting. They have different software and different platforms to offer up live betting on the NFL. Our top sportsbook for live betting is This online sportsbook offers incredible betting options and instant wagering on the NFL playoffs.

Other sportsbooks have live betting but if you try live betting on the NFL at MyBookie you can get a $20 risk free bet, just to try it. So if you have always wanted to try live betting now is your chance. Get the $20 risk free live bet and bet on the NFL playoffs!

NFL Betting

When learning on how to bet on the NFL playoffs it is important to know a lot about the game before going into the game. Many live betting options will not only focus on the adjusted point spread and the adjusted total but it could also focus on the players.

How to Live Bet on the NFL Playoffs

Live betting like any type of betting has to be done carefully. It is easy to get caught up in live betting and have too much exposure, or money bet, one side of the game. The NFL bettor has to be careful not to get caught up in the excitement of the game.

Another thing to watch is the line of scrimmage. Although many teams will adjust during halftime of the NFL playoffs the line of scrimmage is hard to change. This could be a good gauge of how the game may turn out as it goes on. As you start live betting you will find different ways to bet on sports. Once you try it, you will see just how great it is! Good luck with live wagering and the NFL playoffs!
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