How to Bet On the NFL Preseason

How to Bet On the NFL Preseason

Have you ever wondered how to bet on the NFL Preseason? You’re not alone. Each year may people who like to bet on the NFL will avoid betting on the NFL preseason. They are reluctant to bet on the exhibition games because they are often told it is a waste of time or a crap shoot. They could not be more wrong. Not only are there many tips and suggestions on how to bet on the NFL preseason, but many experts suggest that it is easier to bet. With that in mind, here is how to bet on the NFL preseason.

How to Bet On the NFL Preseason
How to Bet On the NFL Preseason

Know the QB Rotation

One of the most important things to know before betting on any game is who is playing and who is not playing. Betting on a quarterback in the fourth quarter can be frustrating if he is a player that will eventually be cut. For example, the Buffalo Bills have already announced that the quarterback rotation that happened in the first week will continue.

Head coach Sean McDermott gave indication that the rotation we’ve seen at quarterback to this point will continue for now.

“We’ll just see. We’ve got to practice, and I want to get our ones out there and blend some twos and threes,” he said. “We’ll stick with the rotation.”

The coaches usually have no problem divulging the rotations leading up to the game and who will play or who will not play during the preseason. If you really want to know how to bet on the NFL preseason it all starts with knowing what players will be on the field.

Know How To Bet

Back in the day when betting on the NFL, you could only do it one way. You could only bet on who will cover and win the game. Now there are multiple ways to bet to include first half bets, second half bets, quarter bets and live betting. Now online sportsbooks like MyBookie have 1000’s of betting options for the NFL preseason bettor to choose from.

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Know the Motivation

At this time of the year it is important to find the motivation for each team. The third week of the preseason is usually a dress rehearsal when starters will play the longest. The fourth week is usually a throw away game where starters never see the field. Some teams focus on certain scenarios like two-point conversions or going for it on fourth down. Some team’s play a “vanilla” type of game because they don’t want to show the game plan to any opponents who may be watching.

Find the Real Storyline

The media always reports on the stories that they believe that people want to read about. When the Eagles take on the Patriots in the preseason, the story line will be the Super Bowl rematch. In reality the teams will not be focus on that game. The Patriots won’t care about revenge and the Eagles will be prepping for the regular season. Although it is easy to get distracted if you want to know how to bet on the NFL preseason it is important to not get distracted.

Know Money Management

Finally and perhaps most importantly, the key to betting on preseason football is to practice money management. The “How-to” of betting on any sport starts with money management. Be careful; manage your money and do your homework and you can make money betting on the NFL preseason.

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