Eagles vs Patriots Predictions: Who Wins Super Bowl 52?

Eagles vs Patriots Predictions: Who Wins Super Bowl 52?

The NFL experts have spoken. The Super Bowl predictions are all over the internet and you can find plenty of opinions. There are many fans who are sharing reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles will win and other who will tell you why the New England Patriots will win. But now it’s my turn. Maybe it’s because I am a woman, but everyone seems to forget how I have dominated the NFL this season with my picks against the spread. I crushed it in both the Wildcard picks and the divisional round picks and now I am ready to make my Eagles vs Patriots predictions for the Super Bowl.

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Just Pick Your Number

When it comes to betting on the NFL, the number is everything. If you do your homework you know exactly what the point spread should be when you bet on your team. Everyone is talking about how the line has moved and how some big wigs are dropping millions on the game, but the bottom line is that you want to get the number that works for you. Actually you may just want to pick who you think will win the game and worry about the points later. All reports indicate that the big money bets are coming in on the Eagles. 

Eagles vs Patriots Predictions: Who Wins Super Bowl 52?
Eagles vs Patriots Predictions: Who Wins Super Bowl 52?

A Look Back

At the start of the season I predicted who will win Super Bowl 52. I not only acknowledged that the Patriots are the front runners to win the Super Bowl, but I also picked a surprise team. I mentioned at the end of the article if you are looking for a surprise team to consider you may want to keep the Philadelphia Eagles in mind.  Others called the Eagles to win the NFC East this season before it started and some jumped off the bandwagon when the NFC playoffs started, but that all doesn’t matter now.

All that matters is who will win the Super Bowl. Not the NFL Super Bowl props, but who will win.

Eagles vs Patriots Predictions

I am not going to do a breakdown of each position because it is easy to see what team has the edge. My Eagles vs Patriots predictions will be straight forward. That team that will win to me is the Patriots. They have a defense that has yet to do their best and will be well prepared for an Eagles offense that has over performed of late. Nick Foles is no Tom Brady and the Patriots will be able to make a game plan to stop the run pass option offense. Finally you get a Patriots team that gets to go back to their first Super Bowl against the Rams and remember what it was like to get no respect.

The Pick Against the Spread for Super Bowl 52 is the Patriots (-5)

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