Brazil vs Mexico Betting Predictions: Another Upset?

Brazil vs Mexico Betting Predictions: Another Upset?

The World Cup schedule has been covered with huge upsets. First, it started with Germany, then Argentina and Lionel Messi were eliminated. Next Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal were booted. Then Spain was stunned by an awesome victory by Russia.  On Monday it could happen again. The Brazil vs Mexico betting predictions could see another upset in the World Cup.

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Betting on Brazil

After all of the stunning defeats in the World Cup thus far, it may be very hard to bet on Brazil. After all Mexico is very good and many of the World Cup matches have been very close. The World Cup odds show that Brazil is a big favorite at (-221) to win this match and Mexico (+692) is a very big underdog.

Can Mexico Win?

Mexico has a very good squad, but it will not be easy to beat Brazil. However Brazil’s most expensive player, Neymar, has been frustrating. Mexico’s Juan Carlos Osorio has said that he will attack and that his team will be very aggressive. That is a good sign for Mexico, but can they win? Mexico has had some difficult losses in the World Cup in the past and a win against Brazil would erase all of that pain. Unfortunately, Brazil has too much talent and will win this match and advance.

Brazil vs Mexico Betting Predictions

This should be a fun match to watch. Tow teams and two incredibly passionate fan bases will be one edge. Brazil has won more World Cups than any team and they are the toughest squad left in the World Cup. Mexico will keep this close, but they will not be able to win.

Brazil vs Mexico Betting Predictions: Bet on Brazil

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