What the Blake Griffin Trade Means for the Clippers, Pistons and LeBron James

The NBA trade deadline is one of the best in sports. It always features big names, big teams and sends shockwave through the NBA world. It started early as the LA Clippers and the Detroit Pistons swapped players to get things going. The Clippers sent All Star Blake Griffin for a package of players and picks. The Clippers get Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and a first- and second-round draft pick in return. Griffin is the biggest name but this move means more things for more than one team in the league. So what does the Blake Griffin trade mean for the Clippers and the Pistons? More than you think and it also involves LeBron James.

What the Blake Griffin Trade Means for the Clippers, Pistons and LeBron James

What the Blake Griffin Trade Means for the Clippers, Pistons and LeBron James

What it Means For the Pistons

This move for the Pistons is all about star power. They opened up the bank to get Griffin and hopefully start filling seats in their arena. Griffin is averaging 22.6 points, 7.9 rebounds and 5.4 assists so he will put points up on the board, but the Pistons won’t suddenly become a championship contender. They are lurking right outside of the eighth spot in the Eastern Conference standings so they make the playoffs. However, if you believe this move makes the Pistons a championship contender in the East, you can make some big money betting on the Pistons to win the East. This elite sports betting site is offering 50-to-1 odds on the Pistons winning the East. The Blake Griffin trade could make the Pistons a playoff team and that is a good start.

What is Means For the Clippers

The Blake Griffin trade means the Clippers are bailing on the season. It means the Clippers are selling, plain and simple. The shipped off the supposed face of the franchise and dumped a huge contract in the meantime. They are not done either as they are now reportedly going to trade Lou Williams or DeAndre Jordan and pile up picks for the future. The NBA odds show that the Clippers have no chance to win a title. The most likely scenario is that they trade both players as Jerry West as a vision for this team and the owner and is buying in. In fact many speculate that the Clippers are clearing room to make a big splash over the summer.

What it Mean for LeBron James

Let’s face it LeBron James is leaving the Cavaliers. Don’t believe me? Check out the latest NBA LeBron James odds.

Lebron first game 2018/19 is with CLE     +160                                       

Lebron first game not with Cavaliers        -210

These odds indicate that LeBron will not be with the Cavaliers next season and it’s not even close. If the wise guys believe he is leaving Cleveland, so do I. The NBA odds also indicate that he will not play with the Houston Rockets or the LA Lakers. So why not the Clippers? They are going to have money, picks and the ability to attract other player. LeBron will be in LA and the chance to be the savior that brings a title to the Clippers. The Blake Griffin trade means that LeBron is definitely leaving.
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