Big Money Bets on the Eagles and what that means For Super Bowl 52

It is less than 24 hours before Super Bowl 52 kicks off and the betting public (and experts) have spoken. They love the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Since the line was opened on the biggest game of the year there has been a steady stream of big money bets on the Eagles and it does not look like this is slowing down anytime soon. So what does this mean for Super Bowl 52?

Super Bowl 52 Odds Move

The first thing that big money bets on the Eagles means for the Super Bowl is that the odds have been moving. The point spread on this game has been moving down since its opening. When it was first released the Patriots were as high as seven point favorites and since then it has been dropping on a regular basis and now at many of the top rated online sportsbooks it sits at (-4.5).

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Eagles a Lock?

The one for sure is just because that big money bets on the Eagles are flowing in that the Eagles will win the game. It just shows that less people think that the Patriots will win and people with more money are on the Eagles. The Reports are showing that the big figure bettors are invading Vegas.

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This is a common theme at more than one sportsbook in Las Vegas as some of the biggest bets are being spread throughout Sin City to get the best line and the price on the Super Bowl.

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Bookies Need the Patriots

Hundreds of people are putting money on the Super Bowl. Maybe they are betting on props like Pink and the National Anthem or they may just be putting money on the latest predictions by the experts on the Patriots vs Eagles Super Bowl. Despite all of those bets on the big game these big bets have made it clear that the bookies need the Patriots to win the Super Bowl.

Big Money Bets on the Eagles and what that means For Super Bowl 52

Big Money Bets on the Eagles and what that means For Super Bowl 52

So what Does it All Mean?

With all of the big money bets on the Eagles it does mean something for the Super Bowl. It means that the bookies need the Patriots. It also means that some smart money is betting on the Eagles. Here is the latest list of big money bets on the Eagles in Las Vegas.

“Multimillion” bet at MGM

$1M at William Hill

$700K at CG Technology

$700K at South Point

“Six figures” at Wynn

One of those bets came from a gambler who beat the bookies in Las Vegas badly by betting on the Houston Astros in the World Series. If you are betting on the Super Bowl, that could sway you towards the Eagles considering that bettor has a history of winning the big bets. The worst case scenario for the sportsbooks is that the Patriots win the game but do not cover. That is going to make this one of the best Super Bowl’s that we have seen in a long time!
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