Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots: Three top Prop Bets in the AFC Championship game

Today the AFC Championship game will kick off and sports bettors will be scouring the board for the best propositions to wager on.

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In football gambling, a proposition bet (also known as a side bet, prop bet, prop, or exotic bet) is a bet made on an outcome or a proposition of the game that could involve many different aspects of the game.Click for a List of All Props for this game.

Here is a look at the Top 3 NFC Championship Prop Bets

Here is a look at the top three prop bets for the AFC Championship game. All the prop bets in this article can be found at Bovada sportsbook.

Total Receiving Yards – Chad Ochocinco (NE)  O/U 10.5

AFC Championship Prop Bets

Chad Ochocinco played just one snap in the game against the Denver Broncos and that is the reason for this low number, but here is something to consider. The Ravens have a very stout defense and there is no question that they will focus on the tight ends and Wes Welker.

Ochocinco flew to Florida to attend his Dad’s funeral but will be back in time for the game.

This will give Ochocinco a shot at catching a pass and getting one-on-one coverage. In this type of offense 10.5 yards can be easily obtained with one catch. It may be going out on a limb but I will take the over on this prop.

OVER 10.5 yards for Chad Ochocinco

(BAL vs NE) – Who will throw the 1st TD Pass in the game?

Joe Flacco +160 or Tom Brady -200

Last week when the Patriots won the toss they chose to kick to the Broncos giving them the ball first. So there is a chance that the Ravens will have a first shot at scoring. The pressure is on Joe Flacco to have a big day and the Ravens will want to get him confidence right away. The Ravens do have a size advantage against the Patriots secondary and it is very likely that Flacco could throw a touchdown first in this game.

Joe Flacco +160

(BAL vs NE) – Who will record more Tackles & Assists in the game? 

Ray Lewis PK

Jerod Mayo -130

Mayo is an active tackling machine on the Patriots defense, but the prop bet in this situation is Ray Lewis. Rumors have swirled that this could be Lewis’s last game and so I expect him to go all out. As the heartbeat of this defense he will get plenty of chances to make tackles and the Patriots short strike offense will play right at Lewis.

Ray Lewis PK

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  1. hi
    do you happen to know whether the coin toss in the afc chamionship game was heads or tails? i know that the pats won and deferred, but would like to know the result of the coin toss! please send me an email if you know. many thanks

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