July 13, 2020

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Picks for free?

The question I get asked the most is “Are all of your picks really free?”

The answer is YES. All of my picks are 100% absolutely free.

There are no tricks or “special plays” that I charge more for. All of my picks are free.

Once they realize all of my picks are for free the next question is “What do people have to do to get the picks?”

Well you get my picks by signing up for one of the sportsbooks that are listed on my site–check out my Top Ten list of the best online sportsbooks!


1) Open a free account by signing up with any of our top rated sportsbooks by clicking on a banner or link from Bookie Blitz

2) Email us and let us know that you signed up

Chase Hudson: Contact Chase at Chase@bookieblitz.com

JT: Contact JT at jt@bookieblitz.com

Tommy Sampson: Contact Tommy at Tommy@bookieblitz.com

3) Get free picks emailed daily on every game! We offer analysis on any game that you choose and give you expert analysis for free. So sign up today and get FREE expert picks against the spread!

Sign up at MyBookie and after you sign up and deposit, just contact Bookie Blitz and the plays are free!

All of these sportsbooks are safe and reputable and all offer great perks and bonuses. Once you have signed up with them and play at a sportsbook, my picks are free for as long as you are playing there. All of my picks are not posted on my blog because I send out a daily email with all of my selections. So if you sign up with a sponsor then you will get the email.

The last question I always get is “What do I get out of this?” That is the easiest question to answer when you pay for picks you never know what you’re going to get and you are already behind if you shelled out good money for picks.

I have done this before and realized that if I put in enough effort and hard work I can pick consistent winners on a daily basis. I use sportsbooks to sponsor and help pay for my site with money that I get from referring players to the site. So the bettor gets the picks for free, the sponsors get a new customer and I get a sponsor to help the site out.

Why use your money to pay for picks when you could be using it to bet on picks?

I offer picks, research on games and I am always available to talk about games, online betting, money management or anything that is on your mind.

Most “professional handicappers” take the money and give you picks and they are never heard from again. That is not what I do as long as you are betting with a sponsor I am here to every step of the way. I work hard on my picks because I bet on them too.

This way in the end we all win together!

Sign up for any sponsor today on the top ten sportsbooks list and email or comment below to get started!

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