2018 Washington Redskins Win Total Predictions

2018 Washington Redskins Win Total Predictions

The NFL preseason is underway and this is the best time of the year for a fan of any team. This is the year where every team has a chance to win the Super Bowl. Fans look at the win total projections, new players and the schedule and hope for the best. This is all the time of year when many teams are overlooked. This is why it is important to look at every team individually. The 2018 Washington Redskins win total predictions show that this team is underrated headed into the season.

Washington Redskins Odds

It is impossible to make Washington Redskins win total predictions without looking at the number that is set by online sportsbooks and Las Vegas. When the sportsbooks posted the original win total for the Skins it was at 7 (-120) to the under. Since then the number and the juice has moved. Much of the money coming in on this win total is being bet on the under. That has forced the Sportsbooks to push this number even lower and MyBookie.ag currently has the over/under of wins for the Redskins set at 6.5. 

2018 Washington Redskins Win Total Predictions
2018 Washington Redskins Win Total Predictions


Cousins or Smith?

The first big change to the Redskins is at the quarterback position as Kirk Cousins is gone and Alex Smith is the new signal caller under center for the Skins. While many comparisons have been made, with two different teams and two different offenses with different personnel and coaches, it is tough to compare two quarterbacks. The one thing that is for sure is that Alex Smith is a suitable replacement for Cousins. The Redskins will not have to rebuild and stats would suggest that Smith is getting better and better every year. The one stat that jumped off the page is the fact that Smith in the Red Zone last year has 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions. When it matters the most he took care of the football.

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Good News Guice

Since the writing of this article Derrius Guice suffered a season-ending torn ACL.

Despite the first official Redskins depth chart listing rookie running back Derrius Guice as a fourth stringer, there is reason to be excited about what he brings to the team. Guice can catch the ball, run the ball and has excelled in camp in pass protection. His performance has drawn rave reviews from Smith and his Redskins teammates. He is not getting the attention that he deserves since all of the focus is on Saquon Barkley who was drafted by the rival New York Giants. By the star of the season Guice will be the starter and by the end of the year he will be ranked well ahead of Barkley.

Although the Guice injury is significant, there are still some quality running backs on the free-agent list and Chris Thompson is a very reliable pass catching threat for this team. But the injuries are piling up…..

Changes Up Front

With the offense settled in, the defense needed some improvements as well. They were constantly gashed against the run a year ago and they needed to add some more size and talent up front. The Redskins used the 13th overall pick to select Daron Payne, a run stopping tackle. In a few short years the Redskins went from a soft front line to a big run stopping unit that will excel this season.

The middle of the defense is solidified by Ryan Kerrigan but he is going to need some help. This team has some holes in the middle of the defense, especially at linebacker. Zach Brown is a tackling machine, but he will not be able to do it alone. This is a good defense, but not a great one.

Schedule Concerns

The schedule is not so easy to navigate. The Redskins have to face Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodger and Drew Brees in three out of the first four games. They also end the season with four of the last six games on the road. The bye week in the beginning of the year is no fun either. Most teams prefer to have it later in the year when the team is fatigued.

Washington Redskins win total predictions

The Guice injury hurts, but this offense still has enough upside to keep my original prediction. Despite the schedule and the suspect defense, the Redskins will win seven games or more this season. They have some winnable games against Arizona, Tampa Bay and Carolina. They have home games against some of their tougher opponents like the Packers, Colts and Houston. The Redskins also play tough against teams from the NFC east. That should allow them to steal a few games when they play the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles. It won’t be easy, but the Redskins will win 7 games or more.

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