2018 NFL Week One Odds and How They Have Changed

The NFL season has not even started but the first week of the year is already getting early betting action. The NFL truly has no off-season and the current 2018 NFL week one odds show just how much betting action has been coming in. The first we saw week one NFL odds was way back in April when we covered the opening numbers. We discussed some early moves that made the lines move, but that was just the start of the early betting action.

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NFL Kickoff

The first game features the Atlanta Falcons against the defending champions. The Eagles started as (-3.5) point favorites back in April and that line has jumped. It is now at (-5) as the early money is backing the champs to get a win and cover in the season opener.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

The Steelers have owned the Browns and that explains why they were installed as a (-7) point favorite. However, the money is coming in on the Browns. The Browns do not even know who will be playing quarterback this season, but that has not stopped 59% of the public from taking the Browns. This has pushed the point spread down and the latest look of the 2018 NFL week one odds show that the Steelers are (-6).

Updated August 5th: The money continues to come in on teh Browns and the lines has moved again. Steelers are now (-5.5)

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

The 49ers have had a highly hyped off-season, but that is not getting early wagers on this team. The Vikings opened up as (-4.5) point favorites and jumped up as high as (-5.5) and is not getting a little buy back to (-5) at several online sportsbooks. Although this is a dead number, this game should receive high volume leading up to kickoff.

2018 NFL Week One Odds and How They Have Changed

2018 NFL Week One Odds and How They Have Changed

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

Still no word on Andrew Luck and his status for week one, but the point spread is still on the move. The Colts opened as (-1) and is as high as (-2.5) at several sportsbooks as it approaches the key number of 3. If Luck does play quarterback in this game, this number will jump over three points. This could make this an opportunity for middle bettors.

Updated August 5th: With Luck slated to play the Colts are (-3) at every sportsbook. 

Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens

The Buffalo Bills have some serious changes in the off-season and because of those moves, money is coming in on the Ravens. This is one of the biggest moving games as the Ravens opened at (-3.5) and now can be found at (-5.5) at the top rated sportsbooks.

Updated August 5th: The money continues to pour in on the Ravens as they are now (-7) at some sports betting sites.

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants

Although the Jags had an incredible season a year ago and the Giants collapsed, no one is buying in on the Jags in week one. The 2018 NFL week one odds opened with the Giants (+4) and that number has dipped slightly and now the Giants are (+3.5) point underdogs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

This could be one of the best games in week one, but it has seen little movement of the point spread. The Saints opened (-7.5) and are now at (-7). The half point is important with the key number of 7, but overall action is split on this game with just 53% of the betting action on the Saints. There is a full preview with a pick for this game here. 

Houston Texans at New England Patriots

When it comes to the 2018 NFL week one odds, this may be the biggest surprise. Over 80% of the bets coming in on this game is fading the Patriots. The Pats have been point spread champs, but not this year. Although the early betting public is on the Texans, the line has yet to move. The Pats are still at the same spread they were in April.

Updated August 5th: The line finally started to move in this game and it is moving against the Patriots. The Patriots went from (-7) to (-6.5). 

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins

This point spread is jumping all over the place. The Titans started out as (-2.5) point favorites. That line can be found at 2.5 at one place, (-2) at most other sportsbooks and you can even find a (-1) at one elite sports betting site. Before you bet on this game, make sure to shop around for the best line.

Kansas City Chiefs at LA Chargers

The Chargers are considered by many to be a Super Bowl contender this season. That combined with the fact that the Chiefs will be starting a new quarterback is moving the line towards the Bolts. However, it is not a big move. The Chargers were (-3) and now the line is shaded towards the Chargers at (-3, -125).

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos

Many NFL betting experts were stunned to see that the Broncos opened up as (-2.5) point favorites over the Seattle Seahawks. However with some great addition on both sides of the ball, this line now seems justified. There has been a half point move as (-2) is the current number. The Seahawks signed Brandon Marshall and now the Broncos are (-1) point favorites. Is that a sign?

2018 NFL Week One Odds and How They Have Changed

2018 NFL Week One Odds and How They Have Changed


Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers

The Dallas Cowboys always get plenty of bets by the public. Once again the public is backing the boys with 52% of the besting action and this point spread is all over the place. It opened with Carolina at (-2.5) and it has stayed that way most outlets, although one top ranked sportsbook has the Panthers at (-1).

Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals

The Redskins lost Kirk Cousins and although they have a suitable replacement in Alex Smith, the money is on the Cardinals at home. The Cards opened as one point underdogs and the game now sits at a pick-em.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

The biggest point spread according to the NFL week one odds belongs to the Packers. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers started as (-9) point favorites, but that has changed. Many sports betting sites have gone down as low as (-8), but one sportsbook still has (-9.5) in favor of the Packers.

Monday Night Football

New York Jets at Detroit Lions

The Jets are a mess and they still don’t know who will be the quarterback and they are big dogs in the MNF opener. The Jets started off as six point underdogs and the money is squarely on the Lions. There are a few sportsbooks showing (-6.5) but the majority of the sportsbooks are now at (-7).

LA Rams at Oakland Raiders

The last game of NFL week one, could be the best one. The revamped Rams are getting love as Super Bowl darlings, although a few doubt this progress. They started off as (-1.5) favorite against the Oakland Raiders with the return of Jon Gruden. Everyone is on the Rams and this point spread is now on the key number of (-3). This could easily go over (-3) as some sportsbooks have already shaded the Rams towards (-120).

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