2018 NFL Week 8 Betting Lines and Odds

2018 NFL Week 8 Betting Lines and Odds

If you like to bet on football it all starts with looking at the NFL week 8 betting lines and odds. We posted some picks on the games last week, but many asked how they could get every pick on the board. It’s easy and its free!

All opening lines and movement provided by MyBookie Sportsbook. View current NFL spreads here.

Thursday Night NFL

Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans

The NFL week 8 betting lines review always starts with the Thursday night game. The Dolphins head to Houston to take on the Texans. Although Miami is still deciding who will start at quarterback, the Texans are looking good. After the win over Jacksonville the Texans opened up at (-7.5) and have been bet as high as (-8.5) at some sportsbooks.

Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Back to London this week as the eagles and the Jaguars will be the early game on Sunday morning. Both teams are not playing great football heading into this game. The Eagles opened up at (-2) and that is bet up to (-3) which could have a lot to do with the QB issues in Jacksonville.

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Browns keep finding painful ways to lose and now they head to Pittsburgh to battle the Steelers. The public betting fanatics may have jumped off the Browns bandwagon. The Browns opened up as (+7) pups and now they are (+9) at some of the top-rated sports betting sites.

Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs just keep on winning and more importantly covering. They are going to be a team that the public likes to bet on each and every week. The Chiefs started as (-9.5) point favorites and that line jumped to (-11) instantly.

2018 NFL Week 8 Betting Lines and Odds
2018 NFL Week 8 Betting Lines and Odds

New York Jets vs Chicago Bears

The Jets are not getting any love from people that like to bet on football. Over 70 percent of the early bets believe that the Bears will beat the Jets as (-7) point favorites. The point spread is moving up as (-7.5) is starting to pop up

Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

The Giants lost on a short week and now host the Redskins who are the front runners in the NFC East. The Redskins are small (-1) point favorites and with only 27 percent of the bets on the home team, the Giants are going to be avoided by the public this week.

Seattle Seahawks vs Detroit Lions

The Lions are playing some good football but they are still under the radar. It is interesting to see that they are (-3) at home against a high profile team like the Seattle Seahawks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Cincinnati Bengals

With two teams that are hard to figure out the NFL week 8 betting lines tell an interesting story. The Bengals started out as (-4.5) and that has been pushed slightly to (-4). This is interesting with 63 percent of the public bets on the Bengals.

Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers

The Panthers had to come back for a win and now are once again underdogs as they host the Baltimore Ravens. This NFL week 8 betting lines movement is interesting. The Panthers started as (-1) and they are now (+2) in the NFL betting market.

Indianapolis Colts vs Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are off a bye and they have just traded Amari Cooper as they get ready to host the Colts. The Colts went from (-1.5) to (-3) as they are most popular bet of the week for the public at 81% according to the latest numbers.

San Francisco vs Arizona Cardinals

The NFL week 8 betting lines are not always easy to make on some of the worst teams in the league so far. This game has the Cardinals (-1) which basically means that the 49ers are two points better than the birds, but home field will make the Cardinals the favorite.

Green Bay Packers vs LA Rams

Aaron Rodger and the Packers are huge (+10) point underdogs against the Rams this week. The public love the Packers and 61% of the early bets is on Green Bay although the Rams are one of the best teams in the league, That early push has moved this line to (+9).

Sunday Night Football

New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are (-1) in a game that will be a revenge game for the Saints. The final play of the playoff game will be replayed over and over before and after the kickoff of this game. 59% of the early bets believe that the Saints are the team to bet on.

Monday Night Football

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

How does the NFL not move this game out of Monday night? Over 77 percent of the bets think that the Patriots will dismantle the Bills. The Patriots opened at (-13.5) and that number is now as high as (-15) for Monday night football.

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