2018 Best NFL Survivor Contest

2018 Best NFL Survivor Contest

The NFL preseason is underway and football is back! This is the best time of year to pick Super Bowl winners and to join football contests. Maybe you like fantasy football or a pick ‘em contest or perhaps you are interested in a survivor contest. That is why we make it a goal every year to find the best NFL sportsbook bonuses and the best NFL survivor contest.

What is a Survivor Contest?

Before we can tell what makes up the best NFL survivor contest, we have to explain what a survivor contest is. A NFL Survivor Pool can also be an Elimination, Knockout or a Suicide Pool. The the rules are very simple.  All you have to do is pick a team every week and survive from one week to the next if your pick wins the game. If your pick loses, you are out and if it wins, you keep playing. The lone survivor at the end of the season, that has yet to lose, is the winner. If you prefer a pick’em contest we have an NFL Preseason contest, just for you!

2018 Best NFL Survivor Contest
2018 Best NFL Survivor Contest

What Makes a Good Contest?

If you want to join the best NFL survivor contest you want to be in a contest that is run by a reputable organization and has a big prize pool. A contest will have easy software to use and the games will be up early. This will give the player, plenty of time to make their pick and to change it if something happens leading up to game time. This is just some of the things that make up the best NFL survivor contest.

The Best NFL Survivor contest is…..

The best NFL survivor contest is the You Wager $50,000 NFL Survivor pool. You Wager is a top-notch sports betting site that has been in business for 20 years. They have incredible software that makes the contest easy to join and even easier to place your weekly picks. The pool boasts a HUGE $50,000 grand prize that cannot be found anywhere else!

In fact we are giving away five FREE entries if you sign up now! 

Enter the You Wager NFL $50,000 Survivor contest here!

Are You Good Enough to Win?

Are you good enough to survive the NFL season without picking a loser? This contest seems easy on the surface, but it can be very hard. If you have always wanted to join a survivor contest, now is the time to jump on board and join this big money contest. Show off your NFL knowledge, pick winners and survive long enough to collect the $50,000 grand prize!  

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