Why the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Will win the NFC East

Why the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Will win the NFC East

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular teams, perhaps in the National Football League.   So it only makes sense that many believe that the Cowboys will win the NFC East and maybe even a Super Bowl. The New York Giants also have a big fan base. With recently added top free agents, many fans in New York believe that this is the year that the Giants return to the top of the NFC East. The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles are not getting any love at all. Many believe if they avoid finishing last it will be a big year for the Eagles. Don’t underestimate this team. They have what it takes to win the NFC East.

Why the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Will win the NFC East
Why the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Will win the NFC East

2017 Philadelphia Eagles Odds To Win

Why bet on the Eagles to win the NFC East? First, let’s look at how good the payout would be if you bet on the Eagles. The Eagles are 4 to 1 to win the NFC East. So if you bet $100 on the Eagles to win the division and they do, you will get back $400. The Cowboys (+115) and the Giants (+255) both have better odds to win the East. So if you want to make money betting on football the Eagles give you a good chance to win it. For those that are wondering the Eagles are 20 to 1 to win the NFC and many major sports betting sites don’t even have odds on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

Great in the Trenches

While the odds on the Eagles are appealing there are more reasons to bet on the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles. They have the best offensive line in football according to Pro Football Focus. You read that right, not the Cowboys, the Eagles. This is an incredible offensive line which includes Lane Johnson who is the best right tackle in the league.

More Weapons For Wentz

That offensive line will be excited to block for quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz is working on his scrambling ability to make him a more complete QB that can extend plays which will make him a better player. He also has new weapons that will make this offense much better this season. The Eagles brought in Alshon Jeffery who will be an incredible red zone target and deep threat. They bolstered the backfield by bringing in LeGarrette Blount and now have a veteran laden offense.

Defense Underrated

The Eagles have some question marks on defense, but they also have some proven players. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has worked wonders with defenses in the past. He has an incredible front line led by Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham.  Graham does not get the credit he deserves as a player that can pressure the quarterback. The front had 28 sacks and will only be better in the second year of the system.

Why the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Will win the NFC East

The Eagles have just as much talent as the Cowboys and the Giants. The Cowboys are the more popular team and the Giants have big named p-layers but don’t count out the Eagles.

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