July 6, 2020

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2017 College Basketball Betting Systems

2017 College Basketball Betting Systems. The college basketball season is about to begin and now is the time to check out all of the 2017 College Basketball Betting Systems to find the best ways to win money when betting on college hoops early in teh season.

2017 College Basketball Betting Systems

With college basketball tipping off, the basketball bettors are getting things lined up for the season. This is the time to gather data on teams to make sure that you can start winning by betting on basketball as soon as the season tips off. Whether you are learning how to bet on college basketball or if you are a veteran of betting on hoops, this is a great time of year. One thing that has to be considered is college basketball betting systems.

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2017 College Basketball Betting Systems
2017 College Basketball Betting Systems

Totals in Tournaments

Many of our college basketball betting systems have been identified by Sports Insights a great place for betting information. That is where we get the first college basketball betting systems that suggest low scoring games dominate the early season tournaments and game son neutral courts. Since 2005 the under in neutral court games played during the month of November have gone 936-778-22 (54.6%). This is good news for the college basketball bettor that likes to start the season off with a bang.

Going Against the Public

It is common fact that betting against the public is always a good strategy but on Saturday it seems to be even better. Saturday is one of the most popular days in college basketball and many of the power conferences play on that day. The power conferences will always get plenty of betting action from the public. Betting against the public on Saturday has a sweet record of 275-189-16 ATS with plus 70 units returned. With the first Saturday coming up, it may be start to go against the public.

Riding the Ranked Teams

Public bettors like the ranked teams, so it makes sense to stay away from them since they are 4232-4275-159 (49.7%) ATS, -273.29 units since 2005. That changes in the first game of the season especially if they are playing against an unranked team. Ranked teams against unranked teams in the first game of the season are cashing in on 58 percent of the time.

These are just a few of the college basketball betting systems that can provide some profit early in the year.

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